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Minoan Archaeology

Sarah Cappel
Ute Günkel-Maschek
Diamantis Panagiotopoulos

Dealing with “Minoan”: 111 Years of Minoan Archaeology

Exhibiting the Minoan Past: From Oxford to Knossos

Yannis Galanakis

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More than160 years after his birth and 70 years from his death, Arthur Evans’s legacy remains strong. Through his excavations, publications, lectures, and extensive restorations, he solidified his vision of the Minoan past that dominated Aegean archaeology for generations. Yet Evans was not only a leading archaeologist; he was also a successful Keeper of the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford between 1884 and 1908. The present paper aims to address his role as Keeper and assess how his position within the museum might have informed his work at Knossos. After an introduction to the Museum and Evans’s work there, the paper explores his role in displaying and interpreting the Minoan past through the exhibitions he organized in Oxford and London. Evans’s instructive approach to material culture, set within the framework of Victorian and European scholarship, is presented here as one of the fundamental influences on his work both in England and in Crete.

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