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Minoan Archaeology

Sarah Cappel
Ute Günkel-Maschek
Diamantis Panagiotopoulos

Dealing with “Minoan”: 111 Years of Minoan Archaeology

The Unknown Past of Minoan Archaeology

From the Renaissance Until the Arrival of Sir Arthur Evans in Crete*

Nektarios Karadimas

To Nicoletta Momigliano
μικρό αντίδωρο φιλίας

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The article aims to systematically present the period from the Renaissance until the beginning of the 1890s, when Arthur Evans first arrived in Crete. It discusses how scholars discovered and identified prehistoric sites in Crete, defined cultures and coined terms, which inspired Evans in the construction of his Minoan paradigm. In doing so, it resurrects the work of scholars, such as Buondelmonti, Müller, Hoeck, Pashley and Spratt, and it assesses their importance in the development of Minoan studies, showing the intellectual debt that Evans owed to them. Moreover, this article aims to show that the period before the 1890s was no tabula rasa for Minoan archaeology, but an important and interesting phase, in which important discoveries and theories took place, some of which continue to influence current scholarship.

Arguably, most works on the history of Minoan archaeology begin with Sir Arthur Evans’s excavations at Knossos, thus implying that the period before him represents for Mi...

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