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Minoan Archaeology

Sarah Cappel
Ute Günkel-Maschek
Diamantis Panagiotopoulos

Introduction: “Minoan Archaeology”

The Heidelberg Conference between Past and Future

Sarah Cappel, Ute Günkel-Maschek et Diamantis Panagiotopoulos

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Conference participants, photographed in front of the Heuscheuer at Heidelberg

The turn of the new century coincided with the completion of 100 years of systematic archaeological research on Crete. The occasion of this anniversary has already triggered several retrospective and prospective views on the aims, methods, deficits and potentials of this discipline.1 On 23rd March 2011 – exactly 111 years after Sir Arthur Evans’ spade made the first cut into the earth above the now well-known Palace at Knossos – another conference was launched at Heidelberg with the aim to outline current trends and prospects of this scientific field. What set the Heidelberg meeting apart at that time from other meetings with similar objectives both in the field of Aegean Archaeology and in other archaeological disciplines was the fact that the main body of participants were young researchers who will be shaping the disciplinary self-image in the decades to come. The main aspiration of the organizers was t...

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