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Cretan Cities: Formation and Transformation

Florence Gaignerot-Driessen
Jan Driessen

6. Azoria and Archaic Urbanization

Donald C. Haggis

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Extrait du texte

We began digging at Azoria in 2002, with the goal of studying the development of an Early Iron Age (EIA) and Archaic settlement on Crete. We shaped our research design to fit the language of culture-history narratives of urbanization, polis formation, and Archaic political economies, along the way, engaging questions of the early Greek household, the development of political architecture, and the relationship between sociopolitical organization and resource mobilization (Haggis et alii 2011a; 2011b). This paper reflects on the results of the past decade of fieldwork while integrating results of recent excavation at the site1.

1. Methodological problems and discontinuous structures

My primary interest in digging this site was to explore the potential of excavation to address basic questions of culture change through the examination of settlement structure. By this I mean not the synchronic arrangement of rooms or buildings on the site, but the close examination of patterns, rates, and ...

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