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Cretan Cities: Formation and Transformation

Florence Gaignerot-Driessen
Jan Driessen

4. The Creative City

The Construction of Cretan Society after the 1200 BC Collapse1

Saro Wallace

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1. Introduction: agency in change

There are echoes of some contemporary public preoccupations in my topic of societal collapse, material adjustments to it, and their long-term effects. Recent years have seen the collapse (or threatened collapse) of nation states on one hand, and complex economies on the other, across the world. State collapse has been suggested as engineerable by macroscale intervention. Analysts have urgently had to consider how far collapse follows any predictable or standard pattern, and in which ways their most devastating effects can be averted. In some popular texts, building on ecological approaches in social science, collapse has controversially been presented as highly patternable, even while the interesting notion of collapse as chosen social strategy has been developed (Diamond 1997; 2005; Yoffee & McAnany 2010). The case of Crete at ca 1200 BC prompts useful reflection in this area. In addressing it (building on the discussion presented by Nowicki in the ...

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