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Cretan Cities: Formation and Transformation

Florence Gaignerot-Driessen
Jan Driessen

1. Axos, a Cretan City (1200-500 BC)1

Eva Tegou

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For decades, archaeological research in Crete focused on the study of the Bronze Age identified with Minoan civilisation. In recent years, however, attention has been swinging back to issues associated with the period following the collapse of Minoan civilisation, and the social, economic and political processes that led to the creation of the political institution of the city-state, which was preserved until the Roman conquest (Gehrke 1997; Chaniotis 2004: 51-78, 100-104). These efforts have been furthered significantly by new excavations and researches of ancient cities (Stampolidis 2004a; D’Agata & Boileau 2009: 165-168; Kotsonas et alii 2012; Mook & Haggis 2013) and the re-examination of older excavations taking the new investigations into account (Psaroudakis 2004; Whitley 2011; Coldstream 2013; Pautasso 2013). In this context, I would like to provide a brief overview of the available archaeological data on Axos, known to archaeologists mainly from the excavations of the Italia...


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