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Excavations at Sissi III

Jan Driessen
Charlotte Langohr
Quentin Letesson
et al.

7. Observations on some Late Minoan Pottery from Sissi

Charlotte Langohr

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The 2011 excavation and conservation campaigns at Sissi yielded some more Late Minoan (LM) pottery of great interest2. This pottery essentially belongs to the LM IIIB occupation of the Kefali and comes from Building CD on top of the hill (Gaignerot, this volume; Letesson, this vloume) and from Building F on its south slope (Jussseret, this volume). The excavation of the open area between Buildings CD and E on the summit also provided additional material corresponding with the successive dumping episodes carried out through the Final Palatial and Postpalatial periods but also to building activities linked to the Neopalatial period (Devolder, this volume).

The following presentation and analysis of a small sample of the pottery from Sissi only takes into account a number of vases which were conserved, drawn, photographed and preliminarily studied during the 2011 campaign. Since the systematic study of the assemblages will only start in the summer of 2013, we cannot yet provide any deta...

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