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Arguing about justice

Essays for Philippe Van Parijs

This book brings together fifty of today’s finest thinkers. They were asked to let their imaginations run free to advance new ideas on a wide range of social and political issues. They did so as friends, on the occasion of Philippe Van Parijs’s sixtieth birthday. Rather than restricting themselves to comments on his numerous writings, the authors engage with the topics on which he has focused his attention over the years, especially with the various dimensions of justice, its scope, and it...

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  • Éditeur : Presses universitaires de Louvain
  • Collection : Hors collections
  • Lieu d’édition : Louvain-la-Neuve
  • Année d’édition : 2011
  • Publication sur OpenEdition Books : 24 juillet 2013
  • EAN (Édition imprimée) : 9782874632754
  • EAN électronique : 9782875581969
  • Nombre de pages : 422 p.
Axel Gosseries et Yannick Vanderborght
Harry Brighouse et Adam Swift
Legitimate partiality, parents and patriots
Jean-Michel Chaumont
Why do we blame survivors?
Kris Deschouwer
Talking about democracy
Helder De Schutter
Let’s Brusselize the world!
Sangick Jeon, Eran Bendavid, Joshua Cohen et al.
A mobile water project: mobile-for-development meets human-centered design
Claus Offe
Why has Cuban state socialism escaped its "1989"?

Reflections on a non-event

Ingrid Robeyns
A universal duty to care
Hillel Steiner
On genetic inequality
Nenad Stojanovic
A federal electoral district for Belgium?

An appraisal with three amendments inspired by the Swiss experience

Erik Olin Wright
In defense of genderlessness

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