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Changing Market Relationships in the Internet Age

Jean-Jacques Lambin


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1This book provides rich and up-to-dated insights on the profound changes triggered by the globalisation of markets, the Internet technology, the rise of business ethics and the active presence of multiple stakeholders. Marketing is clearly at a turning point.
Brigitte Cerfontaine, Director of Advertising Development, Procter & Gamble, Europe.

2It is a very good and concise book on market orientation dealing with key strategic issues and analysing the impact of Internet on marketing decisions. It is practically oriented, without losing the academic rigor of a great specialist as the author is.
Carlo Gallucci, Professor of Marketing, ESADE, Barcelona.

3It is the first time that we find such a complete overview of the marketing discipline and of the way it should be revisited in light of the most recent changes in the environment. Jean-Jacques Lambin focuses on the essential issues of today‘s marketing discipline.
Isabelle Schuiling, Professor of Marketing, IAG School of Management, Belgium

4This book exalts the academic and professional itinerary followed by Jean-Jacques Lambin from Louvain University to the Università Milano-Bicocca. In line with his previous work, this book proposes a critical and in-depth analysis of the market orientation concept, emphasizing the new market relationships prevailing in the digital communications era.
Silvio M. Brondoni, Professor of Marketing and Director of ISTEI, Milano-Bicocca.

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