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L'autobiographie irlandaise

Pascale Amiot-Jouenne


L’autobiographie (par ordre alphabétique d’auteurs)1

Texte intégral

  • 1 La date entre parenthèses renvoie à la première édition de l’œuvre (N.D.E.).

1Adams Gerry, Falls Memories (1982), Cage Eleven (1990), Before the Dawn : an Autobiography (1997), Hope and History : making peace in Ireland (2003)

2Alaya Flavia, Under the Rose (2003)

3Andrews Christopher Stephen («Todd»), Dublin Made Me : an autobiography (1979), Man of No Property : an autobiography (1982)

4Anson Lady Clodagh, Another Book (1937)

5Ashe Thomas, Memoirs and Confessions (1815)

6Ashford Bailey Kelly, Soldier in science ; the autobiography of Bailey Kelly (1934).

7Audrey Lord James, The Memoir’s of James Lord Audley, Earl of Castlehaven, his engagement and carriage in the wars of Ireland from the year 1642 to the year 1651 (1684)

8Baker Joe, My stand for freedom. autobiography of an Irish Republican soldier (1988) Banim Mary, Here and There through Ireland (1891) Beattie Geoffrey, Protestant Boy (2004)

9Behan Brendan, Borstal Boy (1958), Brendan Behan’s Island (1962), Brendan Behan’s

10New York (1964), Confessions of an Irish Rebel (1966)

11Bell Sam Hanna, Erin’s Orange Lily (1956)

12Bellamy George Anne, An Apology for the Life of George Anne Bellamy, Late of Covent Garden Theatre. Written by herself. To which is annexed, her original lester to John Calcraft, Esq. (1785, 3e édition)

13Bernelle Agnes, Fun palace : an autobiography (1996)

14Biemingham George A., Irishmen All (1913)

15Blunt Wilfrid Scawen, My Diaries (1914)

16Boland Eavan, Object Lessons, The Life of the Woman and the Poet in our Time (1995) Böll Heinrich, Irish Journal (1957)

17Bowen Elizabeth, Bowen’s Court (1942), Seven Winters: Memories of a Dublin Childhood (1942), Pictures and Conversations (1975)

18Boyd John, Out of My Class (1985), The Middle of My Journey (1990)

19Boyland Henry, A Voyage Round my Life (2002)

20Boyland Patricia, Gaps of Brightness:a memoir (2003), So Far, So Good ! (2003) Brennan Michael, War in Clare 1911-1921. Personal memoirs of the Irish War of

21Independence (1980)

22Brennan Robert, Ireland Standing Firm, Eamon de Valera: a Memoir (2002)

23Brown Christy, My Left Foot (1954), Down All the Days (1970), A Shadow on

24Summer (1974)

25Brown George D.D., Pioneer-missionary and Explorer: an autobiography. A narrative of forty-eight years’residence and travel in Samoa, New Britain, New Ireland, New Guinea, and the Solomon Islands (1908) Brown George,George Brown, D.D. Pioneer-missionary and explorer, an auto­biography; a narrative of forty-eight years’residence and travel in Samoa, New Britain, New Ireland, New Guinea and the Solomon island (1908)

26Brown Richard Howard, I Am of Ireland (1974)

27Browne Noel, Against the Tide (1986)

28Bryans Robin, Dust has never settled: an autobiography (1992)

29Buchanan, George, After Sixty Years (1931), Green Seacoast (1959), Morning Papers (1965)

30Bullock Shan F., After Sixty Years (1931)

31Butler Hubert, Escape from Anthill (1985) Byrne Gay, Time of my life : an autobiography (1989)

32Byrne John Francis, Silent years. An autobiography with memoirs of James Joyce and our Ireland. (1953)

33Byrne John Francis, Silent years. An autobiography with memoirs of James Joyce and our Ireland. (1953)

34Campbell Joseph, As I was Among the Captives : Joseph Campbell’s Prison Diary, 1922-1923 (2001)

35Cartleton William, The Life of William Carleton, a Further Account of his Life and Writings (1886), The Autobiography of William Carleton (1968)

36Carter John, Full life: the autobiography of a Pentecostal pioneer (1979)

37Cary Eileen, Séan (1971)

38Clarke Austin, Twice Round the Black Church (1962), A Penny in the Clouds (1968) Clanricarde (The Marquis of), Memoirs of the Right Honorable the Marquis of Clanricarde, Lord Deputy General of Ireland, containing several original letters and papers of King Charles II, Queen Mother, the Duke of York, the Duke of Lorrain, relating to the treaty between the Duke of Lorrain and the Irish Commissioners, from February 1650, to August 1653 (1722)

39Clarke Kathleen, Revolutionary Woman: Kathleen Clarke, 1878-1972 : an autobiography (1991)

40Clive Catherine, The Case of Mrs Clive, Submitted to the Publick (1744) Colum Mary, Life and Dream (1947)

41Colum Padraic, My Irish Year (1912), The Road Round Ireland (1926)

42Conlon Gerry, Proved Innocent (1990)

43Connor Rearden, A Plain Tale from the Bogs (1937)

44Conry Rosemary, Flowers of the Fairest (2002)

45Cosgrove Brian, The Yew-Tree at the Head of the Strand (2002)

46Costello Mary, Titanic Town (1992)

47Cranley Ray, Chip Chop Cherry: a county Wicklow childhood (2004)

48Cronin Anthony, Dead at Doornails (1975)

49Cross Eric, The Tailor and Ansty (1942)

50Cullen Bill, It’s a Long Way from Penny Apples (2002)

51Cummins Geraldine, Unseen Adventures (1951)

52Curley James Michael, I’d Do It Again (1957)

53Curran John, Tides of Change : memories of a Kerry childhood (2004)

54Curtis P.J., The Music of Ghosts (2003)

55Cusack Margaret Anna, (Sister Mary Francis), The Nun of Kenmare. an autobiography (1998)

56Dalton Kevin, That Could Never Be : a memoir (2003)

57D’Arcy Margaretta, Tell Them Everything (1981)

58Day Lewis Cecil, The Buried Day (1960)

59Deane Geoffrey, The Turnstone : a Doctor’s Story (2002)

60Delany Mary, The Autobiography and Correspondence of Mary Granville, Mrs. Delany: with interesting reminiscences of King George the Third and Queen Charlotte (1861)

61De Paor Risteard, Úll i mBarr an Gheágáin (1959)

62De valera Terr, A Memoir (2004) De Vere Aubrey Thomas, Recollections (1897)

63De Vere Joan, In Ruin Reconciled : A Memoir of Anglo-Ireland, 1913-1959 (1990) Des Champs Jean, Life and «Mémoires secrets» of Jean Des Champs (1707-1767): journalist, minister, and man of feeling (1990)

64Devlin Bernadette, The Price of My Soul (1969)

65Devlin Paddy, Straight left : an autobiography (1993).

66Devlin Polly, All of Us There (1983)

67Devoy John, Recollections of an Irish Rebel (1929)

68Dickinson P.L., The Dublin of Yesterday (1929)

69Dinan Colette, Another Time : Growing up in Clare (2002)

70Donoghue Denis, Warrenpoint (1992)

71Doyle Evelyn, Evelyn (2002), Nothing Green (2003)

72Doyle Paddy, The God Squad (1989)

73Duffy Gabriel, Sham to Rock:growing up in forties and fifties Dublin (2003) Dunne John Gregory, Harp (1989)

74Dunnes Tom, Rebellions (2003)

75Eagleton Terry, The Gatekeeper : a Memoir (2001)

76Egan Desmond, A Song for My Father (1989)

77Everett Katherine, Bricks and Flowers (1949)

78Fallon Padraic, Hymn of the Dawn (2003)

79Farrell William, Carlow in’98 ; the autobiography of William Farrell of Carlow (1949)

80Faulkner Mary Ann, The Genuine Memoirs of Miss Faulkner; Otherwise Mrs

81D***L**N ; or, Countess of H*****X, In Expectancy. Containing The Amours and intrigues of Several Persons of High Distinction and Remarkable Characters: With Some Curious Political Anecdotes, Never Before Published. With an advertisement and disclaimer from the publisher (1770).

82Fennel Desmond, The Turning Point: my Sweden Year and After (2001)

83Fennell Thomas McCarthy, Voyage of the Houghoumount and Life at Freemantle


85Figgis Darrel, A Chronicle of Jails (1917)

86Fingal Elizabeth, Countess of Killeen, Seventy Years Young (1939)

87Fisher Herbert Albert Laurens, Pages from the past (1939)

88Fitzgerald Garret, All in a life : Garret FitzGerald, an autobiography (1991)

89Fitzgibbon Constantine, Through the minefield ; an autobiography (1967)

90Foley Donal, Three Villages [1977] (2003)

91Francis Mary, The Things of a Child (1918), An Irish Novelist’s Own Story (1935)

92French Billy, The Journeyman : A Builder’s Life (2002)

93Friers Rowel, Drawn from life : an autobiography (1994)

94Fuller James Franklin, Omniana : the autobiography of an Irish octogenarian (1916) Gallagher Frank, Days of Fear (1928)

95Gallagher Patrick, My Story (1939)

96Galvin Patrick, Song For a Poor Boy : A Cork Childhood (1990), Song For a Raggy Boy (1991), Song for a Fly Boy (2002)

97Gaughan Anthony, Recollections of a Writer by Accident (2002)

98Gibbon Monk, Mount Ida (1948), Inglorious Soldier (1968)

99Gladstone William Ewart, Chapter of autobiography (1868)

100Gogarty Oliver St John, As I Was Going Down Sackville Street (1937), I Followed Saint Patrick (1938), Tumbling in the Hay (1939), Rolling Down the Lea (1950), It Isn’t that Time of Year at All (1954)

101Gonne MacBride Maud, A Servant of the Queen (1938) Gordon Lady Edith, The Winds of Time (1934)

102Greacen Robert, Even without Irene ; an autobiography (1969), The Sash My Father Wore (1997)

103Gregory Lady Augusta, Seventy years : being the autobiography of Lady Gregory (1974) Gregory Lady Isabella Augusta, Our Irish theatre : a chapter of autobiography (1913)

104Hamill Pete, A Drinking Life (1994)

105Hamilton Anthony, Mémoires (1713)

106Hamilton Elizabeth, A River Full of Stars (1954)

107Hamilton John of St. Ernans, Sixty years’experience as an Irish landlord.

108Memoirs of John Hamilton (1894)

109Hamilton Hugo, The Speckled People (2003)

110Harbinson Robert, No Surrender : An Ulster Childhood (1960), Song of Erne

111(1960), Up Spake the Cabin Boy (1961), The Protégé (1963), Songs Out of Oriel (1974) Harris Nick, Dublin’s Little Jerusalem (2002)

112Henderson R.H., An Ulsterman in Africa (1944)

113Henry Paul, An Irish Portrait. The autobiography of Paul Henry, R.H.A., etc. (1951) Herbert Dorothea, retrospections of an Outcast (1929)

114Hermon Sir John Charles, Holding the line: an autobiography (1997)

115Heuser Herman Joseph, Canon Sheehan of Doneraile : the Story of an Irish Parish Priest as told chiefly by himself in books, personal memoirs, and letters (1917)

116Higgins Aidan, Scenes from a Receding Past (1977), Helsingorr Station and Other Departures: Fictions and Autobiographies 1956-1989 (1989), Donkey’s Years, Memories of Life as Story Told (1995)

117Higginson Frank, The Beleaguered Irish Church : Not a Chapter of Autobiography (1869)

118Hill Paddy Joe, and Hunt, Gerard, Forever Lost, Forever Gone (1995)

119Hobson Bulmer, Ireland : Yesterday and Tomorrow (1968)

120Holt Joseph, Memoirs of J. Holt, General of the Irish Rebels, in 1798, edited from his original manuscript by T.C. Croker (1838)

121Hugh Bryan, The autobiography of an Irish Rebel (1866)

122Hynes John Arthur, Signs Infallible. Six generations of Irish Methodism, etc. (1949)

123Inglis Brian, West Briton (1962), Downstart : the autobiography of Brian Inglis (1990)

124Ireland Denis, From the Irish Shore (1936), Statues Round the City Hall (1939) Johnson Nevill, The other side of six : an autobiography (1984)

125Johnston Denis, Nine Rivers from Jordan (1953)

126Johnstone Robert, Images of Belfast (1983) Joyce Nan, Traveller : an autobiography (1985)

127Joyce Stanislaus, My Brother’s Keeper (1958)

128Hutchinson Billy, My Loyalist Life (2003)

129Kavanagh Patrick, The Green Fool (1938), Self-Portrait (1964)

130Kavanagh Peter, Beyond affection : an autobiography (1977)

131Keenan Brian, An Evil Cradling (1992)

132Kelly Eamon, The Storyteller (2004)

133Keneally Thomas, Homebush (1995)

134Kennedy George O’Brien, Not all at sea ! (1997)

135Kennedy James, Fat God, Thin God (2002)

136Kennedy Mary, Paper Tigers (2003)

137Kiely Benedict, The Waves Behind Us : Further Memoirs (1999)

138King Cecil, The Cecil King Diary 1970-1974 (1972)

139Kingston John Wesley, These Miracles did Jesus in Ireland (1935)

140Kirby Michael, Skelligs Calling (2003)

141Laverty Maura, Never No More (1942)

142Lavery John, The Life of a Painter (1940)

143Lee Robert P., Destination 5 : memories of an Irish vet in wartime Tanganyika, (2003) Leeson Margaret, The Memoirs of Mrs Margaret Leeson, Written By Herself; in which are given Anecdotes, sketches of the Lives and Bon Mots of some of the Most Celebrated Characters in Great Britain and Ireland, particularly of all the Filles des Joys and men of Gallantry which have usually frequented her Citherean temple for these Thirty Years Past (1797)

144Le Fanu William Richard, Seventy Years of Irish Life (1893)

145Lennon Teresa, I sailed the Sky in a Silver Ship (2002)

146Leonard Hugh, Home Before Night (1979), Out After Dark (1989)

147Lepman Jella, A Bridge of Children's Books (2002)

148Leslie Anita, Gilt and Gingerbread : An Autobiography (1981)

149Lesli Sir Shane, The Passing Chapter (1934), The Film of Memory (1938)

150Lewis Clive Staples, Surprised by Joy : the Shape of my Early Life (1955)

151Longley Michael, Tu’penny Stung (1985)

152Loughlin Bernard, The High Pyrenees (2003) Lynch Malcolm, The Streets of Ancoats (1985)

153Lynch Patricia, A Storyteller’s Childhood (1947)

154Lynch Shane, Shane Lynch : just one of the Boyz (2002)

155Lynch-Robinson Sir Christopher, The Last of the Irish R. Ms (1951)

156MacAmhlaigh Donall, An Irish Navvy : the diary of an exile (2003)

157McAughtry Sam, The Sinking of the Kenbane Head (1977), On the Outside Looking In : a memoir (2003)

158McCann Eamon, War and an Irish Town (1974)

159McCarthy John, A Ghost upon your Path (2002)

160McCarthy Mary, Memories of a Catholic Girlhood (1957)

161McCourt Frank, Angela’s Ashes, a Memoir of a Childhood (1996),’Tis : a Memoir (1999)

162McCrystal Cal, Reflections on a Quiet Rebel (1997)

163McDaid Marguerite, No Other Medicine, But Hope : Memoirs of a Minister’s Wife (2002)

164McDaid Packie, The Blow In : the trail and tale of an Irish emigrant (2003) MacDonald Michael, All Souls (1999)

165McDonald Walter, Reminiscences of a Maynooth Professor (1925) McDonnell Joan, A Spring in my Step (2004)

166McDowel, Florence Mary, Other Days Around Me (1966), Roses and Rainbows (1966)

167McDyer James, Fr.

168McDyer of Glencolumbkille : an autobiography (1982)

169McElborough Robert, The autobiography of a Belfast working man (1974) MacGill Patrick, Children of the dead end ; the autobiography of a navvy (1914)

170McGlinchey Charles, The Last of the Name (1986)

171MacGowan Michael, The Hard Road to Klondike [1958], V. Irenmonger (trad.) (2003)

172Mac Grianna Seosamh, Mo Bhealach Feín (My Own Way) (1940)

173MacGuiness Charles John, Nomad. Memoirs of an Irish sailor, soldier, pearlfisher, pirate, gun-runner, rum-runner, rebel and Antarctic explorer (1934)

174MacIntyre James, Making My Mark : an Artist’s Early Life (2001)

175Mackay William, Pro Patria: the Autobiography of an Irish Conspirator (1883) McLaverty Michael, The Master (1992)

176Mac Liammóir Micheál, All For Hecuba. An Irish Theatrical Autobiography (1946) MacManus Seamas, The Rocky Road to Dublin (1938)

177MacNamara Angela, Yours Sincerely (2003)

178MacNeice Louis, The Strings are False : an Unfinished Autobiography (1965)

179McNeillie Andrew, An Aran Keening (2002)

180McStiofain Sean, Memoirs of a Revolutionary (1975)

181Madden Andrew, Altar Boy:a story of life after abuse (2003)

182Magill Andrew Philip, From Dublin Castle to Stormont : the memoirs of Andrew Philip Magill, 1913-1923, C.W.

183Magill (éd.) (2003)

184Maguire Annie, Why Me? (1994)

185Mangan James Clarence, Autobiography (1968)

186Marcus David, Oughtobiography (2002)

187Miller Sam, On the Brinks (2003)

188Montague John, Company : a Chosen Life (2001)

189Moore George, Confessions of a Young Man (1888), Memoirs of My Dead Life (1906),

190Hail and Farewell: Ave (1911), Salve (1912), Vale (1947)

191Moore Henry Kingsmill, Reminiscences and reflections from some sixty years of life in Ireland (1930)

192Moriarty John, Nostos : an autobiography (2002)

193Morrison Danny, All the Dead Voices (2002), Then the Walls came Down, (2004) Moylan Sean, Sean

194Moylan in his own words : his memoir of the Irish war of Independence, J. Lane (éd.) (2003)

195Mullen Pat, Man of Aran (1935)

196Murphy Dervla, Full Tilt (1965), Wheels within wheels : autobiography (1979)

197Murphy Richard, The Kick (2002)

198Murphy Seamus, Stone Mad (1966)

199NagCopaleen Myles, An Beal Bocht (1941)

200Naughton Bill, Saintly Billy (1988) Nixon Pat Ireland, Pat

201Nixon of Texas : autobiography of a doctor (1979)

202O’Brien Conor Cruise, Memoir, my Life and Times (1998)

203O’Brien Flann, The Hard Life, an Exegis of Squalor (1961), An Beal Bocht (1941)/

204The Poor Mouth (1973)

205O’Brien George, The Village of Longing (1987), Dancehall Days (1998)

206O’Brien Kate, Presentation Parlour (1963), Farewell Spain (1937), My Ireland (1962) O'Brien Maire Cruise, The Same Age as the State (2003)

207O’Brien William, Recollections (1905), Evening Memories ; Being a Continuation

208of Recollections (1920)

209Ó Broin León, Just like yesterday : an autobiography (1986)

210Ó Canainn Tomás, Home to Derry (1986)

211O’Casey Sean, I Knock at the Door (1939), Pictures in the Hallway (1942), Drums under the Windows (1945), Inishfallen Fare Thee Well (1949), Rose and Crown (1952), Sunset and Evening Star (1954)

212Ó Cinnéide Tomás, Wild rover : the autobiography of Tomás

213Ó Cinnéide (1997)

214O'Connell Cusack Geraldine, Children of the Far-Flung (2003)

215O'Connor Batt, With Michael Collins in the fight for Irish Independence (1929)

216O’Connor Frank, An Only Child (1961), My Father’s Son (1969)

217Ó Criomhtain Tomás, Allaghar na hInise/The Island Cross-Talk) (1928), An tOileánach / The Islandman (1929)

218O’Crohan Seán, A Day in Our Life, Tim Enright (trad.) (1992)

219O’Crohan Tomás, The Islandman (1919-trad. 1934)

220O’Direáin Mairtin, Feamainn Bhealtaine / May Wrack, or May Seaweed) (1961) O'Doherty Malachi, I was a Teenage Catholic (2003)

221O’Donnell Peadar, The Gates Flew Open (1932)

222O’Driscoll Ciaran, A Runner among Falling Leaves (2002)

223O'Dubhshlaine Micheal, A Dark Day on the Blaskets (2004)

224O’Flaherty Liam, Two Years (1930), I went to Russia (1931), Shame the Devil (1934) O’Flanagan James, An Octogenerian Life (1896)

225O’Faolain Nuala, Are You Somebody ? (1996), Almost There : the onward journey of a Dublin woman (2003)

226O’Faolain Sean, Vive Moi ! (1964)

227O'Flynn Criostoir, A Writer's Life (2002)

228O Grainne Diarmuid, Cloch Scoilti (2003) Ó’Grianna Séamus (Màire), Nuair a bhí mé Óg (1942) / When I was Young (2002), Saoghal Corragh (A Restless Life) (1945)

229O’Guiheen Micheál, A Pity Youth does not Last, Tim Enright (trad.) (1982)

230O’Hannrachain Peadar, Fé Bhrat an Chonnartha (Under the Banner of the League) (1944), Mar Mhaireas (As I lived it) (1953)

231O'Hara Maureen, 'Tis Herself : a memoir (2004)

232O’Higgins O’Malley Una, From Pardon and Protest : memoirs from the margins, (2002)

233O’Huid Tarlach, Ar Thóir mo Sealbha (In Search of my Possessions) (1960), Faoi Ghlas (Under Lock and Key) (1985)

234O’Laoghaire Peadar, Mo Sgéal Feín (My Story) (1915)

235O’Leary Peter, My Story (1926) O’Malley Ernie, On another Man’s Wound (2002)

236O’Mara Pat, The Autobiography of a Liverpool Slummy (1934)

237O’Neill Terence, Autobiography of Terence O’Neill (1972)

238Orpen Sir William, Stories of Old Ireland and Myself (1924)

239O’Suilleabhain Muiris, Fiche Blian ag Fas (Twenty Years a Growing) (1933)

240O'Toole Edward, Whist for your life, that's treason (2003)

241O'Toole Joe, Looking Under Stones : roots, family and a Dingle childhood (2003) O’Tuairisc Eogan, An Lomnochtán (The Naked Person) (1977)

242Pakenham Mary, Brought Up and Brought Out (1938)

243Phelan Jim, Jail Journey (1940), We Follow the Roads (1949)

244Pilkington Laetitia, Memoirs of Laetitia Pilkington (1997)

245Plunkett Elizabeth, Seventy Years Young. Memories of Elizabeth, Countess of Fingall (1937)

246Potterton Homan, Rathcormick : a childhood recalled (2002)

247Powell Violet, Five out of Six : An Autobiography (1960)

248Power Arthur, From the Old Waterford House: recollections of a soldier and an artist (1940)

249Power Lady Marguerite Blessington, The Confessions of an Elderly Lady (1838), The Idler in Italy (1839)

250Price Stanley, Somewhere to Hang My hat : an Irish-Jewish Journey (2003)

251Purdy Jim, God send Friday : autobiography of a Dublin seafarer (1991)

252Quigley Martin, Drifting with the River Gods (2003)

253Reid Forrest, Apostate (1926), Private Road (1940)

254Reid Mayne, Ran Away to Sea (1850)

255Riley Joe et Atkins Alan C., Ghosts of Kilrush (2004)

256Robb Nesca A., An Ulsterwoman in England, 1924-1941 (1942)

257Robinson Hugh, Back Across the Fields of Yesterday (2002)

258Robinson Lennox, A Young Man from the South (1917), In Three Homes (1938), Curtain Up (1942), Happy Days (1946)

259Rock Captain, (Thomas Moore), Memoirs of Captain Rock, the celebrated Irish chieftain (1824)

260Rodgers William, Essex Roundabout (1963)

261Roney Frank, Frank Roney, Irish rebel and Californian labor leader. An autobiography (1931)

262Rowan Archibald Hamilton, The Autobiography of Archibald Hamilton Rowan (1972) Russell George, Secret Springs of Dublin Songs (1918)

263Russell Mary, Journeys of a Lifetime (2002) Saint Patrick (1938), Tumbling in the Hay (1939), Rolling Down the Lea (1950), It isn’t that Time of Year at All (1954)

264Sands Bobby, One Day in My Life (1983)

265Sayers Peig, Peig (1936), Machtnamh Seana-Mhná (An Old Woman’s Reflections) (1939) Scanlan Don, Memories of an Islander : a life on Scattery and beyond (2003)

266Scott Anthony, Is That Me? My life with schizophrenia (2002)

267Scully John, A Shattered Dream : the true story of an Irishman’s struggle against the Irish state (2002)

268Semple Patrick, Believe it or not : a Memoir (2002)

269Shackleton Ernest, Shackleton : the polar journeys (2002)

270Share Bernard, Far Green Fields (1992)

271Shaw George Bernard, Préface à Immaturity (1930)

272Shea Patrick, Voices and the Sound of Drums : an Irish autobiography (1981)

273Sheridan Peter, Forty-Seven Roses : a memoir (2002)

274Smith Amanda, Autobiography ; the story of the Lord’s dealings with Mrs. Amanda Smith, the colored evangelist; containing an account of her life work of faith, and her travels in America, England, Ireland, Scotland, India, and Africa, as an independent missionary (1893)

275Smith Bernard, The Boy Adeodatus (1984)

276Somerville Edith Oenone, and Ross, Martin, (Martin Violet Florence), Irish Memories (1917), Stray-Aways (1920), Wheel-Tracks (1923), Notions in Garrison (1941)

277Somerville-Large Peter, An Irish Childhood (2002)

278Stanford William Bedell, Memoirs (2002)

279Starky Enid, A Lady’s Child (1941) Strong Leonard, Green Memory (1951)

280Synge John Millington, Autobiography (1896-1907) (1962)

281Tall Deborah, The Island of the White Cow (1986)

282Taylor Alice, To School Through the Fields (1988)

283Thomson David, Woodbrook (1974)

284Tierney Pat, Moon on my back : autobiography (1993)

285Tone Theobald Wolfe, Memoirs. Comprising a complete journal of his negotiations to procure the aid of the French for the liberation of Ireland, with selections from his diary whilst agent to the Irish Catholics (1827)

286Touchet James, Earl of Castlehaven, The Memoir’s of James Lord Audley, Earl of Castlehaven, his engagement and carriage in the wars of Ireland from the year 1642 to the year 1651. Written by himself (1684)

287Trollope Anthony, Autobiography (1883)

288Tyaranse Olaf, Story of O : the autobiography of an Irish outlaw (2000)

289Tyers Padraig, Sliabh gCua m'Oige (2003)

290Tynan Katharine, Twenty-Five Years (1913), The Middle Years (1916), The Years of Shadow (1919), The Years of Wandering (1922)

291Tynan Ronan, Halfway Home (2002)

292Tyrrel George, Autobiography and Life of George Tyrrell (1912)

293Webb Alfred, Alfred Webb: the autobiography of a Quaker nationalist (1999)

294White J.B., Second travels of an Irish Gentleman in search of a religion. With notes and illustrations, not by the editor of Captain Rock’s Memoirs. [By J. B. White : occasioned by Thomas Moore’s Travels of an Irish Gentleman in search of a religion (1833)

295White Richard, Remembering Ahanagran (1998)

296White Terence de Vere, A Fretful Midge (1957)

297Wilde Oscar, De Profundis (1905)

298Wogan Terry, Is it me ? : an autobiography (2000)

299Woffington Margaret, Memoirs of the Celebrated Mrs. Woffington. Interspersed with Several Theatrical Anecdotes ; The amours of Many Persons of the First Rank; and Some Interesting Characters drawn from real LIFE (1760)

300Wynne Maud, An Irishman and His Family (1937)

301Yeats William Butler, Estrangement (écrit en 1908-1909, publié en 1926); The Death of Synge (écrit entre 1909 et 1914, publié en 1928); Reveries over Child­hood and Youth (écrit en 1914, publié en 1916); The Trembling of the Veil (écrit en 1920-1921) qui comprend 5 livres : Four Years, Ireland after Parnell, Hodos Chameliontos, The Tragic Generation, The Stirring of the Bones ; The Bounty of Sweeden (écrit en 1924, publié en 1938); Dramatis Personae (période 1896-1902) (écrit en 1934, publié en 1938); Autobiographies (1936); Memoirs : Auto-biography : first draft, Journal (publié en 1972)

302Young Augustus, Light Years (2002)


1 La date entre parenthèses renvoie à la première édition de l’œuvre (N.D.E.).

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