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Les sociétés entrepreneuriales et les mondes anglophones

Jacques-Henri Coste

Première partie. L'entrepreneuriat, émanation du capitalisme anglo-saxon et projet d'économie politique

L’entrepreneur, sujet ou objet de la société entrepreneuriale ?

Le cas de Richard Branson

Nathalie Champroux


Richard Branson, Virgin founder and philanthropist magnate, has become today’s British emblematic heroic entrepreneur. He reflects and embodies the values of the entrepreneurial society promoted by the authorities since the Thatcher era. Sir Branson is also a transnational business investor and a global social entrepreneur shaping and influencing opinions, lifestyles and the becoming of postmodern societies. His entrepreneurial actions, while strongly imprinted by his cultural roots and societal environment, have made him a leading actor of economic and social change in the English-speaking world and many civil societies.

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