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Normative Experience in Internet Politics

Françoise Massit-Folléa
Cécile Méadel
Laurence Monnoyer-Smith


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1This book is the result of a collective work. The Vox Internet Research Programme could not have been possible without the precious contribution of many people.

2We take the opportunity to thank all speakers and participants, from France and abroad, to our workshops and conferences.

3Beyond our warm thanks to the contributors, we are particularly grateful to the members of the Vox Internet scientific committee and other colleagues: Philippe Barbet, Pierre-Jean Benghozi, Jacques Berleur, Danièle Bourcier, Georges Chatillon, Annie Chéneau-Loquay, Loïc Damilaville, Marie-Anne Delahaut, Mélanie Dulong de Rosnay, Jean-Gabriel Ganascia, Philippe Goujon, Alain d’Iribarne, Sylvain Lavelle, Joëlle Le Marec, Patrick Maigron, Alain Moscowitz, Pierre Mounier, Serge Proulx, Pascal Robert, Fabrice Rochelandet, and Yves Winkin.

4We would like also to thank our doctoral and post-doctoral students for their fruitful involvement: Romain Badouard, Amar Lakel, Clément Mabi, Francesca Musiani, Marie-Cécile Naves.

5Vox Internet owes a particular debt to its faithful supports: Jean-Michel Cornu, Richard Delmas, and Louis Pouzin brought their experience and their vision of Internet Governance issues; Françoise Thibault, from the French Ministry of Research, was the first sponsor of the programme. The French National Agency for Research’s funding allowed its development and achievement Hervé Lièvre and the CERIMES team helped to make Vox Internet notorious online.

6The logistics of this 7-years cooperative effort was kindly managed by Catherine Lucas (CSI – Ecole des Mines, Paris), Aurélie Lejeune (Ecole Normale Supérieure, Lyon), Véronique Duveau and Marianne Wavrant (Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, Paris).

7Lastly, this book is published due to the precious editorial help of Silvia Dekorsy and Sandra Rodrigues.

© Presses des Mines, 2012

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