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Smart(er) Internet Regulation Through Cost-Benefit Analysis

Winston J. Maxwell

A methodology for assessing regulatory options

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Bringing it all together

I will attempt now to bring together the lessons learned from each of the previous chapters in order to propose a methodology for assessing regulatory options to advance content policies on the internet. As discussed in Chapter 2, the range of content policies is diverse: They may target child pornography, racism, anti-Semitism, promotion of terrorism, copyright infringement, illegal gambling, the right to be forgotten or even the promotion of national culture or language. The range of internet intermediaries, and the possible actions they can take, is also varied. Internet access providers, search engines, payment providers, advertising intermediaries, and social media platforms could potentially be called on to help implement a content policy, and the range of actions they could take is potentially vast.

Chapter 3 explored impacts on fundamental rights. The proportionality test requires a listing of all the fundamental rights potentially affected by each reg...

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