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Smart(er) Internet Regulation Through Cost-Benefit Analysis

Winston J. Maxwell

Better regulation applied to the internet

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After the chapters on fundamental rights and institutional alternatives, this chapter focuses on the science of “better regulation,” which is a methodological approach that focuses on the costs and benefits of regulation, including a consideration of other more effective alternatives. The key requirement of better regulation principles is the preparation of a regulatory impact assessment. Better regulation is now a major policy priority for the OECD, the United States and Europe. Better regulation methodology is exemplified in the European directives on regulation of electronic communications, to which I often refer in this book. However, the methodology can apply to any sort of regulatory proposal, including proposals to limit access to harmful content on the internet. This chapter will introduce the reader to better regulation principles under the guidelines issued by the OECD, the United States White House, and the European Commission. The chapter will close by mentio...

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