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A Scenario for Cleavage and Altercation

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Capitalization is about a particular narrative script, but it is also about the actual configuration of the relations between players attempting at playing it. This works for the location we visited in the preceding chapter. But, of the many areas of contemporary capitalistic life in which we can find instances of this, the biotechnology industry certainly offers the most remarkable landmarks. In the biotechnology industry, people recurrently tell stories about value and about themselves within these stories about value. These narratives often include references to epic origins, to adventurous precursors and to audacious transfers (of knowledge, of value) from a place called “science” to another one called “the market.” These stories exist not only to make life interesting. They set a scene. They place people in particular positions and organize their interdependencies. They configure the plot of capitalization. The template of technological transfer that characterizes the biotechno...

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