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Bruno D'Agostino
Michel Bats

Euboians and Corinthians in the Area of the Corinthian Gulf?1

Catherine Morgan

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This focus of this paper is the relationship between Euboians and Corinthians in the Ionian and Adriatic area, and specifically, the tradition placing Euboians on Kerkyra before Corinthians. At first sight this may seem to be a minor and specific problem, yet the spectre of Euboians here raises a number of issues of historiography and the interpretation of the material record.

The only extant source to name Eretria as the first coloniser of Kerkyra is Plutarch, who in Quaest. Graec. 11, in reply to a query about the identity of the aposphendonetai, notes that «Κέρκυραν τὴν νῆσον Έρετριεῖς ϰατῴϰουν Χαριϰράτους δὲ πλεύσαντος ἐϰ Κορίνθου μετὰ δυνάμεως ϰαὶ τῷ πολέμω ϰρατοῦντος ὲμβάντες εἰς τὰς ναῦς οἱ Έρετριεῖς άπέπλευσαν οἲϰαδε.. »; he then goes on to describe how the citizens of their homeland, instead of receiving them back, stoned them, and so they left for Thrace and settled Methone. Plutarch’s mention of Kerkyra thus occurs in the apparently unrelated context of the aposphendonetoi...

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