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Bruno D'Agostino
Michel Bats

Euboea and Naxos in the Late Geometric period: the Cesnola Style

Nota Kourou

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Inter-island communication in the Aegean during the Geometric period is usually discussed in terms of pottery exchange or influence. In our rather poor archaeological record for this period other imports to the Aegean are rather scarce or of a non securely identified provenance; thus pottery styles seem to offer the main and most reliable evidence for trade or cultural exchanges among the islands. Euboea and Naxos, therefore, should be considered as well connected in the LG period since several of their pottery styles are strikingly similar.

The common involvement of the two islands in the foundation of the colony of Naxos in Sicily, implied by some ancient authors, offers another kind of evidence for their assumed close contacts1. Historical facts are rarely met by archaeological data and any attempt to retrieve the historical framework within which an association of Euboea and Naxos might have taken place during the later part of the eighth century, whether a political alliance, a ...


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