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Founded in 1966 by Georges Vallet, the Jean Bérard Research Centre (CNRS USR 3133 / EFR) has played an important role in archaeological research in southern Italy since its creation acting for over 40 years as a service hub (relations with the Italian authorities, accommodation, publications , documentation center , training, assistance to archaeological sites) for fellow researchers from other entities.
Since the beginning, it was conceived as a scientific publishing house for archeology doctoral thèses, excavation reports, conférences and seminars proceedings, topography bibliography of Greek colonization. Through the work of G. Vallet, it has also collected stories of French travelers from the Grand Tour and studies of the painters of that time.
In total, more than 100 books have been published, from Dr. J. La Genière's doctoral thesis on the Iron Age in southern Italy published in 1968 to research publications of the Jean Bérard Center on crafts in Pompeii.


Director : Valérie Huet

Editor : Magali Cullin-Mingaud

Graphic designer : Giuseppina Stelo


Centre Jean Bérard
Via F. Crispi, 86
80 121 Napoli

Telephone / Fax

 (++39) 081. 761 26 31 ou (++39) 081. 761 39 67

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