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Bibliothèque d’archéologie méditerranéenne et africaine

The Bibliothèque d’archéologie méditerranéenne et africaine (BiAMA) includes varied works - monographs, proceedings, collective works -, in connection with the studies conducted by the Centre Camille Jullian about the history and the archaeology of the Southern Gaul, North Africa and the Mediterranean Basin since the Protohistory till the end of the Antiquity. Taking over from the former Travaux du Centre Camille Jullian, the BiAMA sometimes integrates works from theÉtudes massaliètes series, dedicated to research on Ancient Marseilles and the surrounding areas.

Volumes 1 to 24, published with Errance, can be freely consulted on this site. The following volumes are available on the Presses universitaires de Provence website.

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