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Maenge gardens

Françoise Panoff


Dr Nathalie Mitev-Grey

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1I was not aware my aunt had done a Ph.D., let alone in Canberra. I became aware of it by sheer coincidence and was recently given her thesis as the only academic and English speaker in my family. My second surprise was to recognize a name I knew in the acknowledgements, Marilyn Strathern, who I had heard on a couple of occasions as a keynote speaker at UK academic conferences, and had found uniquely brilliant. Dame Ann Marilyn Strathern was incredibly generous in responding to my rather weird email asking whether she had known my aunt and in inviting me to meet her. She had been at Canberra at the same time, she told me of her memories, and had even kept a number of documents and correspondence, which she kindly lent me. She read the thesis and ensured me it was worth publishing. She then suggested I meet Dr Françoise Freeman. Without these two extraordinary women, this project would not have happened, and I am incredibly grateful to them for their professionalism and generosity. It has been an immense privilege to meet them and they both have touched me deeply with their intelligence, warmth and empathy.

2The final piece of the coincidental jigsaw is Dr Pierre Lemonnier, who I was already in contact with regarding my own academic activities. He reacted enthusiastically, telling me he also had a copy of the thesis in his office which his doctoral students still consult after all these years. Thank you so much, Pierre, for your offer to publish it at the Pacific-credo Publications of the Centre de Recherche et de Documentation sur l’Océanie (CREDO), in Marseilles, and for your wonderfully inspiring thoughts and reflections.

3This book has come to symbolize many important positive things in my life, personally and as a woman academic. It is also meant for my cousins, Pascale Glicksman, Jacob Eliet, Alice Eliet-Roucairol, Anne Le Guillou and Olivier Le Guillou and for my mother, brother and sister. Finally, a huge thank you to Sara D’Arcy, and of course my dear husband, Prof Christopher Grey, for always being there through everything, understanding and supportive.

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