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Maenge gardens

Françoise Panoff


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1While in the field I stayed in a number of Maenge villages, mainly Malakuru, Pomio, Matong, Vairamana on the coast and Pakia in the mountains. I wish to thank the inhabitants of these villages for their hospitality and particularly Kutaena from Ngavale, Kelalape from Malakuru, Kaeliuna from Pomio, Piteso from Pakia, Kuenuna, Murisi and Matenia from Matong. Without their knowledge, cooperation and pedagogical qualities my work would not have progressed much.

2While writing at the A.N.U.I received encouragement and criticisms from A. Chowning, W.C. Clarke, A.L. Epstein, T. S. Epstein, M. Reay, A. and M. Strathern, M. Young and J. Wheeler. I want to thank particularly A. Chowning and A.L. Epstein who have been looking through my work. I also wish to thank R.N.H. Bulmer and D. Yen who have shown from the beginning an interest for my research. In Paris, I benefited from J. Barrau’s knowledge of Oceanian horticultural practices and from the hospitality of R. Portères and the various members of the laboratoire d’Ethno-Botanique.

3Plant specimens have been identified at Lae, Division of Botany, Department of forests. I wish to thank J.S. Womersely, E. Henty and M. Coode for their help and cooperation. Soil samples were analysed at the C.S.I.R.O. Soil Research Department, Canberra and H.A. Haantjens was kind enough to let me have his comments on these while G. Ryburn from the Bureau of Mineral Resources, New Guinea Branch, Canberra, has let me have the first draft of his report on New Britain geology. For facilities in the field I wish to thank Messrs. A.M. Bottrill, C. Butcher, J. Harrisson and Brown, R. Kelly, W. Muskens, Father Barrow and Father White.

4My thanks also go to Mrs Fox, the secretary of the Department of Anthropology and Sociology, who has shown on countless occasions her reliability and kindness as well as to the members of the Human Geography Department and the Visual Aid Unit who have helped in the production of this thesis. Particular thanks go to K. Anderson, from the Visual Aid Unit, who made the precise and elegant drawings which illustrate this thesis.

5Finally I wish to thank my husband, Michel Panoff, without whom I would not have done fieldwork in Melanesia.

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