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Australian Aboriginal Kinship

Laurent Dousset


To H. Kumarnarra Giles

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1My deepest gratitude goes to the Western Desert people who have welcomed me over the years and patiently agreed to reply to my incessant questions and explain over and over again their ways of living and of thinking. Amongst them, I particularly thank Markily, Kungnala, Katjarra, Mrs Bennets, Tjawina, Sally, Henry, Leslie, J. Tjakamarra, Adrian and many, many more.

2I am also particularly indebted to Bob and Myrna Tonkinson, who have from the very beginning of my first fieldwork in the Western Desert in 1994 taken me (and my family) under their intellectual and material auspices.

3I am also grateful to those who have accepted to read and review preliminary versions of this book for their comments and help, and in particular Bob Tonkinson again, Ian Keen, Serge Tcherkézoff, Elodie Fache and Maïa Ponsonnet. Their comments and corrections have greatly improved the work. Of course, any shortcomings or mistakes remain my sole responsibility.

4Last but not least, I thank my colleagues at the CREDO (The Centre for Research and Docu- mentation on Oceania, Marseilles), who have collectively enabled Pacific-Credo Publications to exist. I am particularly proud this is one of the first books this publisher has brought out. I also thank Deborah Pope for her critical reading of the manuscript’s English expression and Emilie Courel for her work in formatting the manuscript and in getting it physically out into the world.

5The cover image is an extract of a painting by Markilly Lizzie Ellis. I am very grateful she has allowed me to use her work.

6Work on this book was made possible thanks to the Australian Research Grant AustKin (ARC DP0878556).

© pacific-credo Publications, 2011

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