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White Paper — Open Science in a Digital Republic — Strategic Guide

Scientific and Technical Information Department - CNRS

Freedom to analyse scientific results


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1Text and data mining (TDM) is a set of techniques enabling researchers to explore and process vast amounts of data. It opens new fields of research and provides new ways of extending knowledge. Although its potential is still to be fully developed, TDM addresses many scientific and economic challenges. On the one hand, it helps intensify and stimulate research. On the other, it can have considerable economic value, offering savings in time and money for research expenditure. It is also a factor for the improvement of public decision-making.

2The concept of TDM covers a range of real-life situations that should be clarified from a legal, technical and economic point of view. There are considerable issues related to TDM and the levers for fostering its use in scientific research as well as more generally, which are taking science into a new era, involving a necessary framework to cover multiple practices. In order to establish firm foundations for this new situation, we propose analysing comparable practices: the way TDM is organised in the United Kingdom and the United States; the framework suggested in projects funded under H2020, and, finally, the practices that already exist in France.


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