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White Paper — Open Science in a Digital Republic — Strategic Guide

Scientific and Technical Information Department - CNRS

Open access to scientific publications


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1The White Paper Open Science in a Digital Republic reports and defends a twofold observation:

  • a review of the current situation on the uses of French public research suggests a pressing need to catch up, given that today the use of digital practices in science currently lags behind the major emerging and/or established practices in the leading countries of science; as the CNRS strategy “A better sharing of knowledge”1 has shown;

  • the changes under way must move towards a “right of shared resources and protected uses”, and towards a right to Open Science guaranteeing free access and free reuse of data from publicly funded research.

2Article 30 of the Digital Republic Act formally recognises this need for researchers to have access to their colleagues’ work and for the creation of a right to access and share knowledge, thus responding to the risk of the misappropriation of knowledge and conforming to the trend followed by our European neighbours.


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