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Why Do We Quote?

Ruth Finnegan

Appendix 2. List of Mass Observation Writers

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1The names of those on the Mass Observation panel of commentators are confidential but each has a unique identifying reference and provides a brief self-description with each response. The following lists the self-descriptions of those who responded to the 2006 autumn Directive on Quoting and Quotation, compiled from their self-returns and the master list held, together with the original Directive responses, at the Mass Observation Archive, University of Sussex, Brighton, BN1 9QL, UK (abbreviations and capitalisations etc follow the format of the originals). The list is included here in the belief that it is as important to acknowledge these quotable and quoted sources as it is to include the more conventional ‘References’ that follow.

2A883 Male, 73, married, Chelmsford, retired Arch. Asst

3A1292 Female, 73, widowed, grandmother, Croydon, p-t teacher

4A2801 Female, 41, York, long-term non-working ME for 18 years, prev. studying to be solicitor

5A3403 Male, 36, single, Bletchley, unemployed (usually works in factory stores or as ‘warehouse operator’)

6A3434 Female, 41, married, W. London, retired in 2003 after 15 years working on UK stock market to have and care for son (3½ years)

7A3884 Male, 39, living with male partner, Bedfordshire, primary school teacher

8B89 Female, 75, divorced, Leighton Buzzard, retired typist

9B786 Female, 72, married, Barnstaple, Personal assistant/Secretary retired

10B1180 Female, 68, married, Ryde, S. Coast, retired clark, previously p-t tourist information operator

11B1215 Female, 53, married, Plymouth, Staff recruiter High St retail, retired

12B1426 Male, 71, married, Bracknell Berks, retired Quality Engineer

13B1442 Male, 83, married, Spelthorne/Stanwell, Staines, retired, 43 years in Aviation, commission in RAF during 1939-45 war

14B1475 Female, 63, single Chesterfield, retired auditor

15B1654 Male pensioner (75), married and living with wife in Rugely, Staffordshire. Former editorial manager with a Scottish company publishing a series of weekly newspapers

16B1771 Female, 70, married, Mitcham Surrey, retired Secretary

17B1898 Female, 75, married, E. Sussex (Hailsham) claims assessor (previously Tunbridge Wells)

18[B1911 see W1893]

19B1989 Male, 79, widower, Tunbridge Wells, Borough councillor (Lib Dem), retired Teacher

20B2240 Male, 85, married, Cathedral city in the south Retired senior business executive

21B2552 Female, 74, widow, Grimsby, retired nurse/midwife

22B2605 Female, 75, married, 3 children 1 deceased. Staines Middx. Ex civil servant

23B2710 [no response as ‘boring’]

24B2978 Female, 37, married, Lewes East Sussex, PhD student/writer

25B3019 Female, 39, single, Isle of Man, Civil Servant (specialising in government pension schemes)

26B3111 Male, 35, single, Nottingham and Sheffield

27B3220 Female, 40, divorced, Kentallen Argyll, post office clerk

28B3227 Male, 39, single,: Birmingham, university administrator.

29B3635 Female, 31, single, Colchester, primary school teacher

30B3323 Male, 71, married, Norton Disney, retired Sales Manager

31B3886 Male, 60, married, Sheffield, University Professor

32C41 Female, 47, single, Shetland, voluntary worker

33C108 Female, 73, widow, suburb, Streatham London, housewife and voluntary worker [1991]

34C1191 Female, 51, divorced, Limavady, carer

35C2053 Female, 53, married, Attlebury, chartered librarian, now self-employed clerical worker

36C3167 Male, 35, single, Stoke-on-Trent, Warehouse operative

37C3513 Female aged 47 Married three children Finchingfield, Essex. Housewife (former bank clerk, cleaner, gardener)

38C3603 Male, [62] born 1944, married, Redbourn Herts, retired Youth and Community Officer

39C3661 Male, 43, married, Barnsley S. Yorks, reconditioning starter motors

40C3691 Female, 42, divorced, Cromer, Local Government Officer

41C3802 Male, 21, single, Cirencester/London, law student

42D156 Female, 54, married, Dagenham, manageress of florist/card shop

43D996 Female, 79, divorced, London, retired from work at Citizens Advice Bureau, but still voluntary receptionist there 5 times a week

44D1602 Male, 64, single, Wimbledon, retired company executive

45D2585 Female, early 60s, married, Bristol, 20 years worked as Secretary in large Aero-engine company, still p-t clerical at local hospital

46D3157 Male, 51, single, Altrincham, customer Service Advisor

47D3501 Male, 48, married, Newcastle upon Tyne, Careers Advisor

48D3644 Female, 24, single, Birmingham, Librarian

49D3958 Female, 25, single, Wallsend, Tyne and Wear, secretary at university

50E174 Female, 82, born 1924, spinster, previous large village now living Manchester

51E2977 Male, 25, single, Jackfield Shropshire, working in factory production line

52E3624 Male, 37, living in Dundee with partner, Social Worker

53F218 Female, 59, divorced, Combs (?) Stowmarket, carer to 90-year-old, p-t secretary to county council, volunteer in community for elderly

54F1373 74 ½, married, retired from retailing working in a school, Brighton

55F1560 Female, 85, married, widow, Marros Carmarthen, chairperson women’s refuge [1992], previously youth and community worker.

56F1589 Female [74] born 1932, Norfolk, lives Audley N. Staffs, retired SRN

57[F2218 note explaining nil return – death of near relative]

58F2949 Female, 52, divorced and co-habiting with long-term partner, Colmworth Beds.

59F3137 Female, 38, married, Cheltenham Gloucestershire, researcher

60F3409 Female, 59, married, village near Nottingham, previously part-time registrar of births, deaths and marriages till April 2006, not now in pad employment

61F3592 Female, Middlesbrough

62F3641 Female, 66, married, Leicester, retired teacher

63F3805 Male, 63, married, retired civil servant, Orkney

64F3850 Male, 42, single, Hyde, Clinical supplies Co-ordinator

65G226 Female, 65, married, Fylde coat, North West England, retired counsellor/researcher

66G1148 Female, 71, married, town in West Midlands, was a nurse

67G2134 Male, 87, widower, Cheam, retired civil servant

68G2818 Male, 52, single, Manchester, teacher in special school (EBD), member of senior management team

69G3042 Female, 48, divorced, Hove, university administrator

70G3126 Male, 65, married, Bedford, French Polisher

71G3187 Female, 36, married, Southport, Staff nurse

72G3395 Female, 47, divorced, Leeds, IT officer

73G3423 Female, 47, married, Hemel Hempstead, Voice-over artist

74G3655 Male, [67] born 25.3.39, Winlaton Blaydon, Tyne and Wear, retired Director Motor Trade

75G3752 Male, 49, separated, Aberdeen, labourer

76G3963 Female, 34, married, Old Colwyn, housewife (previously Accounts Manager)

77H260 Female, 76, Married Lady, Brentwood Essex, retired clothing and camping shop manager

78H266 Female, 83, widow, small town of Hancastle (?) Lincs, previously Kenninghall Norfolk, retired but really only worked between husbands 1965-8, worked odd days cooking in vegetarian restaurant

79H280 …. [’aged’, father born 1882]

80H1541 Male, 62, married, 2 adult children, Central Scotland, retired film editor, now writer

81H1543 Anglo-Saxon male, 76, Sompting West Sussex, retired Local Government officer

82H1703 Female, 59, married, Derbyshire, full time HR Assistant

83H1705 Female, 56, married, Jersey, part time Word Processor Operator/ Amateur Artist

84H1806 Male, 81, widower for 14 years, medium dispersed village nonrural Bisley, Woking retired typesetter, part time maintenance and assistant in bedsit and hotel family business

85H1836 Female, 61, single, Derby, retired nurse

86H1845 Female, 76 [wartime education], widowed, Selbourne, retired slide library assistant

87H2410 Female, 77, married, now living in small N. Yorkshire village, ex High School teacher

88H2418 Female, 54, single, London, reception, advice and information worker (in a service for young people

89H2447 Female, 71, divorced, Oxford, Acupuncturist

90H2634 Male, 61, married, Hove Sussex, Retired Charity Manager

91H2637 Female, 67, widowed, Isle of Dogs, part-time librarian

92H2639 Female, 66, married 39 years, Ipswich Suffolk, Library Assistant (retired) Housewife

93H3070 Male, 37, co-habiting. Charity shop worker

94H3378 Female, 49, divorced, live with partner who HGV driver, Horncastle Lincs, work for Local Council

95H3621 Male, 38, married, Warrington, Molecular Biologist

96H3652 Female, 38, separated, Rothwell Northants, Teaching Assistant

97H3784 Male, 34, single, Surrey, Civil Servant

98H3821 Male, 54, married, Malvern, Teacher

99I1610 Female, 63, married, Buckingham, retired Nursery Nurse

100J1407 Female, 81, widow, London and I. O. W.

101J1481 Male, 86, married, retired engineer, West Midlands, partially sighted

102J1896 [no details]

103J3248 Male, 59, married, Caerleon, Newport, South Wales

104J3708 Male, 38, married, North-east Scotland, self-employed writer

105J3722 Female, 25, have boyfriend, Rhyl, personal assistant

106J3756 Female, 41, married, Ipswich, bookseller

107K310 Female, 78, married, Burgess Hill, retired part-time shoe shop assistant

108K798 Female, 55, married, NW Norfolk, part-time writer and student

109K3125 Male, 50, divorced, Cheadle N. Staffs, retired teacher

110K3762 Female, 43, married, York, housewife

111L1002 Female, 60, widow, Rocester near Uttoxeter Staffs, retired [but help in family tree felling and gardening business, helping with paperwork], previously some work as domestic help

112L1504 Male, 80, married, Ottery St Mary Devon, retired administrator

113L1625 Female, 85, single, Grantham, retired teacher (peripatetic needlework teacher)

114L1691 Female, 63, married, Staffs, retired Probation Officer

115L1696 Male, 89, widowed, West Midlands, retired

116L1991 Female, 70, widow, Brighton, nurse/civil servant

117L2281 Female, 75, married, St Albans, one-time proof reader! later teacher of maths

118L2604 Male, 67, married, south East England, Illustrator/ex-Academic

119L3386 Female, 27, married, Newcastle upon Tyne, Education Welfare Officer

120L3454 Female, 39, married, Halifax in West Yorkshire, former IT Manager, now stay at home mother

121L3674 Male, 57, married, Carshalton Surrey, Bus Station Controller

122M348 Female, 76, single, large village SE Eng, writer

123M388 Female, 76, married, Norfolk market town, former lecturer

124M1395 Female, 76, divorced, Cobham Surry, formerly Research Chemist/ CAB Adviser

125M1979 Female, 68, divorced, Salisbury Wiltshire, retired inspector of schools (re children with special educational needs)

126M2061 Female, 76, widow, Retford Notts, retired State Registered Nurse

127M2164 Female, 79, widowed, Essex village [Tettesbury Essex], retired biologist

128M2290 Female, 77, married, small country town [Chagford, Devon], previously self-employed journalist writing on plants/gardens, later -p-t secretary.

129M2629 Female, 78, married, Bristol, formerly Tutor in Adult Education

130M2854 Male, 55, single, Wisbech, surplus to requirements bod of private means

131M2986 Female, 50, East Grinstead, married, ex-secondary school teacher, now part-time teacher Adult Ed History

132M3085 Male, 57, married, Brightons nr. Falkirk, Scotland, retired clerk, sales rep. shop-keeper, retired after ill health, now run home

133M3118 Male, 41, in civil partnership, London, full time art student

134M3132 Female, 43, married, Cockermouth Cumbria, part-time personal finance journalist, also working on novel and part-time creative writing MA

135M3147 Female, 46, married, Conwy, shopkeeper

136M3190 Male, 48, married, East Boldon, civil servant

137M3202 Female, 40, married, Penymynydd, Snr Prescribing Support Technician (Registered Pharmacy Technician)

138M3320 Female, 40, single, Leicester, underemployed typesetting assistant/ book order packer/Research Assistant

139M3408 Female, 60, married, Coventry, retired nursery teacher

140M3412 Female, 47, married, village, North Cave, teacher

141M3469 Female, 43, married, Edinburgh Assistant Director

142M3476 Female, 51, married, Woodbridge, Registered Nurse

143M3640 Female, 38, married, Wishaw, police officer

144M3669 Female, 32, single, Montrose, civil servant (ex TSO)

145M3670 Male, 59, single, Hayes Middlesex, Airline Customer Service

146M3684 Female, 37, married, Battersea London, teacher ass.

147M3712 Female, 41, divorced, Southport Merseyside, Clerical Assistant

148N399 Female, 72, widowed East London [Stratford East London] retired nurse/hospital admin [clerical officer], gardener, h/w and general factotum

149N403 Female, 69, widow, Pampisford, part time cleaner

150N1592 Female, 75, divorced living with partner, Hebden Bridge, former social worker, former B & B landlady

151N3181 Female, 31, unmarried living with long term partner, Leeds, librarian

152N3396 Female, 51, married, Haverfordwest, HIVE Information officer

153N3588 Female, English, 45, Isle of Lewis, Western Isles, psychiatric staff nurse

154O3082 Male, 33, single, Bartley Green Birmingham, Shift Manager/Student

155O3436 Female, 52, married, Conwy, Civil Servant

156O3932 Female, 40, divorced, Workington, ex shorthand/typist

157P1326 Female, 69, married, rural location near Bath, retired Civil Servant (Executive Officer)

158P1796 Female, 60, married, Dorset, Part-time consultant

159P2034 Male, 79, married, Newark on Trent Notts, retired music teacher local primary schools

160P2138 Female, b. 1920s, married, Euxton, Chorley, Lancs retired Statistician in Xray Dept

161P2546 Female, 81, married, village near Hereford, retired social work manager

162P2915 Male, 48, single, Kingston upon Thames, Teacher

163P2957 Female, 37, married, Colchester, PA to Head of girls school

164P3209 Male, 67, married, Welton E Yorks, Artist

165P3213 Female, 40, married, Dwygyfylchi, housewife/mother/volcanologist

166P3373 Female, 32, married, Cwmbran Gwent, Police Officer

167P3390 Female, 52, [married] Swadlincote Derbyshire, housewife

168P3392 Female, 63, married, Kendal, Team Manager Children’s Services

169P3668 Male, 66, married, Colchester, retired Electrician

170R450 Male, ?, married, East London, retired builder

171R860 Female, 59, married, Disley Stockport Chesh, retired, give talks

172R1025 Female 63, married, Milton Keynes, housewife

173R1227 Female, 62, married, village near Exeter, primary school teacher

174R1321 Female, 60, divorced, Basingstoke, Nurse

175R1418 Male, 84, widower, Derby, retired decorator

176R1468 Female 83, widow, Derby, retired Insp. Aero components

177R1760 Female 76, widowed SW Essex, retired Civil Servant

178R2143 Male, 84, married, Hythe Hampshire, retired Chartered Structural Engineer, formerly managing large engineering projects round the world

179R2144 Female, 71, married, Birmingham, retired teacher

180R3032 Male, 64, married, Cardiff, retired civil servant

181R3422 Male, 59, single, Brentwood Essex, retired banker (and unpaid researcher for ’Quote … Unquote’ programme)

182R3546 Male, 42, married, Northallerton,. Gas service engineer

183R3888 Female, 38, single, Preston Lancs, IT admin

184R3903 Male, 46, married, Yarm, Environment Officer

185R3921 Male, 25, co-habiting, West Didsbury Manchester, Software Developer

186S1399 Female, 57, married, Tunbridge Wells Kent, no job (stuck with 95+ year old)

187S2083 Male, 76, married, Kingston Lewes East Sussex, retired shop-keeper, part-time book-keeper

188S2207 Female, 54, married, Brighton, p-t Basic skills Tutor and Classroom Assistant supporting adults with learning difficulties (ex-librarian)

189S2220 Female, 84, widow, Kennoway, Fife, Scotland, German born/bred, retired H.T. head teacher in primary/support/nursery school, ’ardent linguist’, taught languages for years, still do [2001]

190S2581 Female, 55, married, Mirfield, retired Bursar

191S3035 Male, 59, married, Southwick West Sussex, retired banker (took early retirement at 50, just completed p-t degree in Landscape Studies, Univ of Sussex)

192S3342 Male, 53, married, Welling software analyst

193S3372 Female, 48, married, Chorleywood, Part-time Administrator

194S3659 ? [has grandchildren]

195S3750 Female, 30, single (divorced) Edinburgh, Housing Services Officer

196S3779 Male, 44, single, Cheadle Staffs, librarian

197S3844 Female, 32, co-habiting, Glasgow, NHS librarian

198S3845 Male, 40, married, Sheffield, Social Worker

199T1411 Female, 85, widowed, Blaenporth Cardigan, Artist, retired artistpainter running own shop and gallery [1991]

200T1961 Female, 58, married, Burgess Hill, housewife and p-t Nursery Nurse

201T2003 Female, 57, married, Fleet, Hants, Family Court Adviser

202T2543 Female, 73, single, Dudley W. Midlands, retired library assistant

203T2964 Female, 39, married, Halifax, Librarian

204T3155 Male, 58, married, Mablethorpe Lincs, gap year! (retired) [prev. motor mechanic for local council]

205T3617 Female, 34, single, Chesterfield, Derbyshire, receptionist for sales office of aluminium company, prev. foreign language teacher secondary schools

206T3686 Male, 70, married, London, semi-retired trade mark attorney

207T3775 Male, 70, married, Darley Abbey, Translator and writer

208T3902 Female, 22, single (have boy friend), Acklington, Customer Host

209V3091 Male, 43, married, Cheltenham Broadcast Journalist

210V3767 Male, 68, married,. Cambridge, largely retired from managing my own company

211W563 Female, 89, married, Old Colwyn, Clwyd, pre-retirement doing market research

212W571 Female, 69, married, Cottingley Nr Bingley W. Yorks, Ex-Sales Assistant p-t shop assistant/check-out operator in mini-market and wine store

213W632 Female, 65, widow, Southwick Sussex, retired Business Analyst

214W633 Female, 64, married, North-East England, journalist

215W729 Female, 49, married, Dundee, Supply Teacher

216W853 Female, 72, married, Wirral suburb, retired

217W1813 Female, 56, married, Stone Staffs, Teacher

218W1835 Female, 72, married, Southwold Suffolk East Anglia, Housewife prev. nurse (till left to bring up 3rd child)

219W1893 Male, [82] born 1924, married, Felixstowe, retired (1983) worked with same company for 43 years, retired as Senior Production Manager in large food factory

220W2107 Female, 66, divorced, Ely, Museum Attendant

221W2174 Male, 62, married, Kent village, retired Civil Servant

222W2244 Female, 77, married, Hamlet in the North, retired Careers/Teacher

223W2322 Male, 62, married, Fareham, Hants, retired teacher

224W2338 Female, 74, married, Village near York, retired teacher

225W3048 Male, 47, married, Wotton, Company Director Sales and Marketing Director in specialist software development company in broadcasting sector

226W3163 Female, 48, married, Bacup Lancs, Wage Clerk

227W3176 Male, 65, widowed, Greenfield (Saddleworth) retired teacher

228W3233 Female, 26, single, Woodhall Spa, University student

229W3393 Male, 74, married, Stockport, former university teacher

230W3730 Female, 39, married, Beverley, Adviser at Citizen Advice

231W3731 Male, 45, married, Beverley, Translator

232W3740 Female, 41, married, Portrhydfendigard, General sales assistant

233W3816 Female, 33, married, Danby, Primary school teacher

234W3842 Female, 37, single, Oldham, regional manager

235W3967 Female, 39, cohabiting, Database Manager

236Y2926 Female, 48 [has children], married, Horsham, p-t ward clerk on a ’care of the elderly’ ward in local hospital


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