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Image, Knife, and Gluepot

Kathryn M. Rudy

A Note on Images

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  • 1 Piety in Pieces: How Medieval Readers Customized Their Manuscripts (Cambridge: Open Book Publishers (...)

As with Piety in Pieces (2016),1 my previous book with Open Book Publishers, I am committed to making this book free and available to all. Placing images in text is time-consuming and drives up production costs. In order to minimize expenses, my publisher and I have decided not to reproduce images that are easily available on the internet, but rather to link to them using permanent URLs. There are therefore two sets of illustrations: figures that are reproduced in the book (fig.), and linked images, which I refer to as e-figures (e-fig.). These are numbered separately in the text and listed separately at the end of the book for clarity of reference. For the most part therefore, the material from the British Museum and several items in the Netherlands will appear here as linked images. If you read this book in one of its electronic formats, you can click on these links; those using a printed version may find it convenient to scan the QR codes. Related to the connectivity that this book implies, I have decided not to burden footnotes with the bibliographies of the prints that are in the British Museum, since these details can be accessed via the links and duplicating them would therefore be redundant. Images in the digital editions of this book will also feature a ‘click to enlarge’ function that enables the reader to view them in greater detail.

1In the process of my research for this book, I created an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of the original composition of the manuscript, its nineteenth-century alterations, and the whereabouts of each element today (if known). As the project grew in complexity, the table grew into one containing 14 x 646 squares, including some dynamic self-generating fields which added up how many folios, lost folios, and prints the original manuscript had. It is as simple as it can be, but no simpler. I have therefore decided to make this resource available to readers as an online Appendix, which can be accessed via this link:​10.11647/​OBP.0145#resources

2As with all Open Book Publishers books, Image, Knife and Gluepot exists in Open Access online (PDF, HTML and XML) editions, and in paperback, hardback, and digital (epub and mobi) editions.2 In view of the number and quality of the images in this book, my publishers and I have decided to provide the option of a more expensive hardback edition (the paperback version is kept at the same low price as OBP’s other paperbacks). The more expensive hardback edition is printed on the best quality paper available, in order to present the images as clearly and beautifully as possible. We hope that this range of options — the freely available PDF, HTML and XML editions; the economically priced epub, mobi and paperback editions; and the more expensively printed hardback — will satisfy all readers.


1 Piety in Pieces: How Medieval Readers Customized Their Manuscripts (Cambridge: Open Book Publishers, 2016), can be accessed freely here:

2 All editions can be accessed or purchased from the book’s home page:


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