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Why Do We Quote?

Ruth Finnegan

Abbreviations and Note on Sources

Texte intégral

1Mass observers, Participant observers/commentators from Mass

2British observers/ Chapter 2, Appendix 1 and Appendix 2)

3Commentators Chapter 2, Appendix 1 and Appendix 2)

4MO/xxxxx Code number of individual commentator from the Mass Observation panel, Autumn 2006 (full list, Appendix 2), archived in Mass Observation Archive, University of Sussex Library, Brighton, UK

5CWE Erasmus, Desiderius (1982- ) Collected Works of Erasmus, English translation, Toronto: University of Toronto Press

6ODQ Oxford Dictionary of Quotations (numerals indicate edition)

7OUP Archives Oxford University Press Archives, Oxford, UK

8OUP survey 2006 Oxford University Press, Oxford Modern Quotations Dictionaries Survey 2006

9I have generally followed the usual academic conventions for referencing and citing primary and secondary sources, but rather than too much peppering of the text have often gathered these in footnotes. I have not attempted to provide detailed references for the many well-known quotations mentioned; to solemnly add a citation for each would make this book unbearably ponderous especially given that readers can readily consult the many print and web collections if they wish to follow up the (often contentious) questions of author, exact wording or origins. Also, since this work is directed to the general rather than specialist reader I have mostly opted for English translations of texts in foreign languages.


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