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History of International Relations

Erik Ringmar

This book

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Names of people and places are generally given in the original language but other versions are included for ease of identification. Hence “Kongzi,” but also “Confucius,” “Palashi,” but also “Plassey.” All years given refer to the Common Era, “CE” or Anno Domini, “AD,” except when indicated. All years associated with names of rulers refer to the length of their reign.

1In addition to the main chapters there are a large number of boxes in which more specific topics are introduced. Many of these topics expand on the story told in the main chapters, but some introduce new themes. The purpose is to show the contemporary relevance of the historical material, but also to provide a sense of the culture and traditions of each respective part of the world.

2The book is accompanied by a dedicated website:​irhistorynew/​. Here you will find links to more material, primary sources and a complete bibliography, as well as podcasts to listen to and video clips to watch. Look out for the Read More call-outs, which link to specific resources in the irhistory website (direct links and QR codes for each webpage are provided for ease of access).


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