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Letters of Blood and other works in English

Göran Printz-Påhlson

Select Bibliography of Works by Göran Printz-Påhlson

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Books of Criticism

Solen i spegeln [The Sun in the Mirror]. Stockholm: Bonniers, 1958.

Appendix till Solen i spegeln [Appendix to The Sun in the Mirror]. Lund: Cavefors, 1960.

Förtroendekrisen [Crisis of Confidence]. Stockholm: Cavefors, 1971.

Slutna världar öppen rymd [Closed Worlds Open Space]. Stockholm: Cavefors, 1971.

Books of Poetry

Resan mellan poesi och poesi [The Journey Between Poetry and Poetry]. Malmö: Image, 1955.

Dikter för ett barn i vår tid [Poems for a Child of our Time]. Stockholm, Bonniers: 1956.

Gradiva och andra dikter [Gradiva and Other Poems]. Stockholm: Bonniers, 1966.

The Green-Ey’d Monster. New York: Bryn Mawr—Kivik: CCRI, 1981.

Säg minns du skeppet Refanut? [Remember the Ship Refanut?] Stockholm: Bonniers, 1984.

Major Articles

‘Krukan och bitarna I: Strindberg och 1800-talets romantradition’ [‘The Pitcher and the Pieces I: Strindberg and the Tradition of the Nineteenth-Century Novel’]. Bonniers litterära magasin 33:10 (1964): 740–55.

‘The Liar: The Paradox of Fictional Communication in Martin A. Hansen.’ Scandinavian Studies 36:4 (1964): 263–80.

‘Krukan och bitarna II: vad händer i Röda rummet?’ [‘The Pitcher and the Pieces II: What Happens in Röda Rummet?’]. Bonniers litterära magasin 34:1 (1965): 12–27.

‘Concepts of Criticism in Scandinavia, 1960–1966.’ Scandinavica 6:1 (May 1967): 1–15.

‘Concepts of Criticism in Scandinavia 1966–1967.’ Scandinavica 7:1 (May 1968): 1–15

‘Tankens genvägar om Strindbergs antropologi’ [‘The Short-cuts of Thought: On Strindberg’s Anthropology’]. Bonniers litterära magasin 38: 4 (1969): 594–610.

‘Strindberg och totemism’ [‘Strindberg and Totemism’]. Konstrevy 4 (1969): 154–60.

‘Realism as Negation.’ Literature and Reality: Creatio vs. Mimesis, Ed. by Alex Bolckmans. Ghent: Seminarie voor Skandinavistiek, 1977: 133–47.

‘The Canon of Literary Modernism: A Note on Abstraction in the Poetry of Erik Lindegren.’ Comparative Criticism: A Yearbook vol. 1. Ed. by Elinor Shaffer. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1979: 155–66.

‘Tranströmer and Tradition.’ Ironwood 13:7 (1979): 62–80.

‘Allegories of Trivialization: Strindberg’s View of History.’ Comparative Criticism: A Yearbook vol. 3. Ed. by Elinor Shaffer. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1981: 221–56.

‘The Scandinavian Ideology: Towards a Mythology of Modernism.’ Facets of European Modernism. Ed. by Janet Garton. Norwich: University of East Anglia Press, 1985: 219–41.

‘Surface and Accident: The Poetry of John Ashbery.’ PN Review 12:2 (November– December, 1985): 34–36.

‘The Invention of Scandinavia.’ Scandinavian Literature in a Transcultural Context. Ed. by Sven H. Rossel and Birgitta Steene. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1986: 10–18.

‘Historical Drama and Historical Fiction: The Example of Strindberg.’ Scandinavian Studies 62:1 (Winter 1990): 24–38

‘Passions and Interests: Anthropological Observation in the Short Story.’ Strindberg and Genre. Ed. by Michael Robinson. Norwich: Norvik Press, 1991: 61–81.

‘Rosmersholm as Novel, as Film: Passion as Action.’ Contemporary Approaches to Ibsen vol. 7. Ed. by Bjørn Hemmer and Vigdis Ystad. Oslo: Norwegian University Press, 1991: 185–203.

Major Translations into Swedish

Åtta engelska poeter [Eight English Poets]. With Petter Bergman. Stockholm: FIB:s Lyrikklubb, 1957.

Räkna ditt hjärtas slag [Count Your Heartbeats]. With Göran Bengtson. Lund: Cavefors, 1959.

Självporträtt i en konvex spegel [Self Portrait in a Convex Mirror]. By John Ashbery. Stockholm: Bonniers, 1983.

Bathory & Lermontov [Batory & Lermontov]. By John Matthias. With Jan Östergren. Ahus: Kalejdoskop, 1980.

Färdväg [Itinerary]. With Jan Östergren. Stockholm: Fib:s Lyrikklub, 1990.

Major Translations into English

Contemporary Swedish Poetry. With John Matthias. London: Anvil, 1980.

Rainmaker. By Jan Östergren. With John Matthias. Athens, Ohio: Ohio University Press, 1983.


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