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Make We Merry More and Less

Jane Bliss
Douglas Gray


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Primary Texts

(Primary texts are listed alphabetically by title, unless the author is known. Cumbersome titles are alphabetized by key-word in square brackets.)

Adam of Cobsham: The Wright’s Chaste Wife, ed. F. J. Furnivall, EETS OS 12 (London, 1865).

Andrew of Wyntoun, Chronicle, 6 vols, ed. F. J. Amours, Scottish Text Society (Edinburgh, 1903–14). archive/113606171

An Alphabet of Tales, ed. Mary Macleod Banks, EETS OS 126 & 127 (London, 1904–05).;cc=cme;view =toc; idno=AlphTales

The Apocryphal New Testament, trans. M. R. James (1924; repr. Oxford, 1926).

Batman uppon Bartholome his booke, Stephen Batman, John Trevisa, Bartholomaeus Anglicus (London [1582]). c=eebo; idno=A05237.0001.001

Bede, Ecclesiastical History of the English People, trans. Leo Sherley-Price, with R. E. Latham and D. H. Farmer (1955; repr. London, 1990).

[Bevis] The Gallant History of the Life and Death of that Most Noble Knight Bevis of Southampton (London, [1691]). A41900.0001.001?view=toc

The Book of Noodles: Stories of Simpletons, or, Fools and their Follies, ed. W.A. Clouston (London, 1888).

The Brut, or The Chronicles of England, ed. Friedrich W.D. Brie, EETS OS 131 & 136 (London, 1906–08). page/n5

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Caxton, William, The History of Reynard the Fox, ed. N.F. Blake, EETS OS 263 (London, 1970). 20of % 20reynard % 20the % 20fox.pdf

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[Chevelere Assigne] The Romance of the Chevelere Assigne, ed. Henry H. Gibbs, EETS ES 6 (1868; repr. London, 1898).

Child, Francis James, The English and Scottish Popular Ballads, 5 vols (Boston MA, 1898).

Codex Ashmole 61: A Compilation of Popular Middle English Verse, ed. George Shuffelton (Kalamazoo, 2008). shuffelton-codex-ashmole-61-introduction

The Complaynt of Scotland, ed. Robert Wedderburn with Introduction by A. M. Stewart (Edinburgh, 1979). 0001.001?view=toc

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The Demaundes Joyous, ed. John Wardroper (London, 1971).

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[Dunbar] The Poems of William Dunbar, ed. W.M. MacKenzie (Edinburgh, 1932).

Early English Carols, ed. Richard Leighton Greene (1935; revised edn. Oxford, 1977).

Early Middle English Verse and Prose, eds J.A.W. Bennett and G.V. Smithers, glossary by Norman Davis (revised edn. Oxford, 1985).

An English Chronicle of the Reigns of Richard II, Henry IV, Henry V, and Henry VI, ed. John Silvester Davies, Camden Society 64 (London, 1856). https://archive. org/stream/anenglishchronic00camduoft/anenglishchronic00camduoft_ djvu.txt

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Fourteenth Century Verse and Prose, ed. Kenneth Sisam (1921; repr. Oxford, 1975).

Froissart, Chronicles, trans. Geoffrey Brereton (1968; repr. Harmondsworth, 1987). djvu.txt

From the Norman Conquest to the Black Death: An Anthology of Writings from England, ed. Douglas Gray (Oxford, 2011). downloads/from_the_norman_conquest_to_the_black_death_an_ anthology_of_writings_from_england.pdf

Gaimar, Geffrei, L’Estoire des Engleis, ed. Alexander Bell; ANTS 14–16 (Oxford, 1960).

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Gervase of Tilbury, Otia Imperialia: Recreation for an Emperor, ed. and trans. S. E. Banks and J. W. Binns (Oxford, 2002).

Gesta Romanorum, ed. Sidney J. H. Herrtage, EETS ES 33 (1879, repr. Oxford, 1962).

Gesta Romanorum, or Entertaining Moral Stories, ed. and trans. Charles Swan and Wynnard Hooper (1876; repr. New York, 1959). gestaromanorum02hoopgoog/page/n10

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Grimms’ Fairy Tales (London, c. 1896 [n.d.])

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Historical Poems of the XIVth and XVth Centuries, ed. Rossell Hope Robbins (New York, 1959).;vie w=1up; seq=5

A Hundred Merry Tales, and Other Jestbooks of the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries, ed. P. M. Zall (Lincoln NE, 1963).

[Huon] The Boke of Duke Huon of Burdeux (2 vols), ed. S. L. Lee, EETS ES 40 & 41, 43 & 50; English Charlemagne Romances I–IV (1882–87, repr. London, 1998, 2017).

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[Johnson] To the Hebrides: Samuel Johnson’s Journey to the western islands of Scotland; and James Boswell’s Journal of a tour to the Hebrides, ed. Ronald Black (2007; repr. Edinburgh, 2011).

Julian of Norwich, Revelations of Divine Love, trans. Clifton Wolters (1966; repr. Harmondsworth, 1976).

The Kingis Quair of James Stewart, ed. Matthew P. McDiarmid (London, 1973).

The Knight of Curtesy and the Fair Lady of Faguell’, ed. Elizabeth McCausland, Smith College Studies in Modern Languages IV. I (1922), 1–19. https://archive. org/stream/TheKnightOfCurtesyAndTheFairLadyMcCaus/The_Knight_of_ Curtesy_and_the_Fair_Lady_McCaus_djvu.txt

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The Owl and the Nightingale, ed. Eric Gerald Stanley (Manchester, 1972). https://

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repr. Oxford, 1973).

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Secondary Texts

(Some well-known reference works are listed by title.)

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1 Online versions of texts are included with each entry where they are available; online versions of primary texts are not always the same edition as the one listed as available in libraries, or the one consulted for this book, and are added for readers’ convenience.


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