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Make We Merry More and Less

Jane Bliss
Douglas Gray


Texte intégral

ANTS Anglo-Norman Text Society
DMH Dictionary of Medieval Heroes (Gerritsen, van Melle, Guest)
EETS Early English Text Society; ES Extra Series, OS Original Series,
SS Supplementary Series
MED Middle English Dictionary​etTLCLyAe5
OCCL Oxford Concise Companion to Classical Literature (Howatson,
ODS Oxford Dictionary of Saints (Farmer)
OED Oxford English Dictionary
PFMS Percy Folio Manuscript (eds Hales and Furnivall)
Rymes [Robyn] Rymes of Robyn Hood (Dobson and Taylor)
Whiting Proverbs, Sentences, and Proverbial Phrases (Whiting and Whiting)


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