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Social Media in Higher Education

Chris Rowell

Part Seven. The personal journey


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1 Backchannel is an online conversation that happens at the same time as a specific event, such as a conference. The backchannel will often happen through Twitter where participants will share comments about the live event. They may also ask or answer specific questions and share related resources or links.

2 Blog is a website that displays content or posts in a chronological order. Connectivism is a relatively new theory of how learning takes place in a digital environment. It proposes that learning does not just happen at an individual level but that learning and knowledge can develop outside of the individual through connections between organisations, the Internet, or even data.

3 Digital badges are indicators of a skill, accomplishment, quality or achievement earned in a learning environment. Badges earned can then be displayed on a social media site or app.

4 Facebook is the most well know of the social media sites, which enables users to share comments, links (on news or other content) and photos/ videos across the Internet. This shared content can be with just close ‘friends’ or groups or made publicly available to everyone at a global level.

5 Facebook Live is a feature of Facebook that enables users to live-stream video recordings. After the live broadcast has been made, a recording will be posted and made permanently available.

6GIF is an acronym for Graphics Interchange Format. They are a file type that can support static and animated images and are often used on Twitter and Facebook.

7 Github is a website that allows IT developers or groups of programmers to share and manage their code or projects and collaborate with others across the world.

8 Handle is a person’s online identity and is often used as someone’s user name of their social media account.

9 Hashtags are used in social media to identify messages on a specific topic, for example:

10#iacanhazpdf — used on Twitter to request access to academic journal articles which are behind paywalls.

11#LTHEchat — Learning and Teaching in Higher Education Twitter chat. #DigPed — Digital pedagogy

12#BYOD4L — ‘Bring Your Own Device 4 Learning’ course.

13#12AoC — ’12 Apps of Christmas’ course.

14 Instagram is a photo and video sharing social media app. Users can share photos and videos which can then be edited using different filters and additional information can be added, such as tags or location information.

15 LinkedIn is mainly used as a professional networking website and app where employees advertise their vacancies and employees can post their CVs. It allows users to create profiles, post content and make connections with others using the service.

16 Lurking is being present in an online environment such a chatroom or Twitter chat but not participating in any interactions.

17 Meme refers to an image or video with a short piece of text, often with a humorous content, that is copied and distributed on social media platforms.

18Medium is a website that publishes a wide variety of content, from personal blog posts to professional publications.

19 Moodle is an open-source virtual learning environment (VLE) used by education institutions to host content, deliver courses and facilitate blended and distance education.

20 MOOC is a Massive Open Online Course. These courses are fully online and have unlimited enrolment so they often have very large numbers of students on the course.

21 Open Education is the general outlook that educational resources and knowledge should be made freely accessible to all, and that we should aim to eliminate any barriers to achieve this goal. Promoting collaboration is a key feature of open education.

22 Phenomenography is a qualitative research methodology, usually based on interviews that aims to investigate the way people think or experience something. It emphasises the interviewee’s refection and description of experiences.

23 Pinterest is a visual social media service that allows users to share videos and images. Images are called ‘pin’s and they are put onto ‘pinboards’ which can be customised according to different themes and then followed by others.

24 Podcasts are a series of digital audio recordings that listeners can download or streamed to their device.

25 Snapchat is an app for sharing photos, videos and messages. Its distinctive feature is that once the message has been received via Snapchat it is automatically deleted.

26 Tag is a keyword or phrase added to a social media post with the purpose of relating it to a category or collection.

27 Twalk is a structured walk augmented by the use of social media (usually Twitter). Participants will walk around a specified route, discussing a nominated topic (s) and use Twitter to enhance the discussions or debates.

28Tweet Wall is an app or platform that displays tweets which include a specified hashtag. They are often displayed on a large screen within a populated area, such as a conference or classroom.

29 Twitter is a service that enables its users to publish short messages (up to 280 characters) called tweets. These tweets enable users to communicate with one another, share links/photos/videos and publicise events.

30 Twitter chat (or tweetchat) is usually a live event focused around a specific topic. The chat is usually based on a single hashtag.

31 Visitors and Residents is a simple way of visually plotting users’ engagement in online environments. It maps their engagement with online tools on a continuum from visitors to residents depending upon their level of activity.

32 VLE is a virtual learning environment, it is an online space where learning materials and teaching/learning tools are hosted. Examples include, Moodle, Blackboard and Canvas.

33 WhatsApp is a messenger app, similar to a text messenger service, which allows the user to send messages, audio, images and videos. It also has features like group chatting and voice messaging.

34 WordPress is open source software that is often used as a blog.


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