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Social Media in Higher Education

Chris Rowell

Part One. Introduction

2. Social Media in Higher Education – The Podcast

Chris Rowell

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1After all the authors had contributed their chapters, I interviewed them and asked them questions about what they had written. Each of the following podcasts gives further information about where they work, the types of jobs that they do and the way they use social media:

Professional Practice

2Developing a professional online presence and effective network:

DELcast #8
Interview with Sue Beckingham​10.11647/​OBP.0162.24

3Re-engineered CPD and modelled use of cloud tools and social media by academic developers:

DELcast #9
Interview with Martin Compton​10.11647/​OBP.0162.25

Teaching and Learning

4Exploring the use of social media in the higher education classroom:

DELcast #18
Interview with Alex Avramenko​10.11647/​OBP.0162.26

5The use of social media tools and their applications for creative students:

DELcast #13
Interview with Serena Gossain​10.11647/​OBP.0162.27

6Cambridge Analytica, Facebook, and understanding social media beyond the screen:

DELcast #12
Interview with Zoe Sujon​10.11647/​OBP.0162.28


7Leadership and social media:

DELcast #7
Interview with Julie Hall​10.11647/​OBP.0162.29

8Leadership and social media — challenges and opportunities:

DELcast #4
Interview with Lanclos and Phipps​/10.11647/​OBP.0162.30

Building Networks

9Creating a sense of belonging and connectedness for the student arrival experience in a School of Arts and Humanities:

DELcast #16
Interview with Rachel Challen​10.11647/​OBP.0162.31

10Joint reflections on Twitter, phenomenography and learning friendships:

DELcast #17
Interview with Chrissi and Margy​10.11647/​OBP.0162.32


11Expertise in your ears — why you should jump on the podcasting bandwagon:

DELcast #1
Interview with Dave Musson​10.11647/​OBP.0162.33

12Etiquette for the Anthropocene:

DELcast #14
Interview with Jane Norris​10.11647/​OBP.0162.34

13Ten days of Twitter:

DELcast #2
Interview with Mark Warnes​10.11647/​OBP.0162.35

14Learning to Twalk — an analysis of a new learning environment:

DELcast #11
Interview with Andrew Middleton​10.11647/​OBP.0162.36

15Academics’ understanding of learning spaces: attitudes, practices and outcomes explored through the use of social media:

DELcast #3
Interview with Santanu Vasant​10.11647/​OBP.0162.37

The Personal Journey

16Somewhere in between — my experience of Twitter as a tool for continuous personal development:

DELcast #6
Interview with Andy Horton​10.11647/​OBP.0162.38

17The ‘healthy academic’, social media, and a personal and professional journey:

DELcast #5
Interview with Neil Withnell​10.11647/​OBP.0162.39


Academic Developer in Digital Enhanced Learning at London South Bank University. Previously he was Learning Technology Manager at Regent’s University in London, a Lecturer in Economics (1990-2005) and a Lecturer in Education (2005-2010) at the University Centre Croydon. Currently he is studying for a doctorate in Education at the Institute of Education, UCL. His research interests are all to do with learning technology, more specifically the use and evaluation of social media by staff and students in Higher Education. He is also editor of the Association for Learning Technology’s (ALT) blog. He lives in Camberwell, London and is interested in things to do with cycling, photography, travel, politics and London. You can find him on Twitter @chri5rowell and blogging at


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