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That Greece Might Still Be Free

William St Clair


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1I should like to record my gratitude to Dr. Francis Walton of the Gennadios Library, Athens, who has helped me in innumerable ways while I have been working on this book. Special thanks are also due to Mrs. Niemöller and the staff of the German Institute in London who scoured the libraries of Germany to find the rare books I was looking for.

2I should like to acknowledge the help received, copies sent, and permissions given by the following libraries and institutions: the British Museum [now British Library]; the Public Record Office [now National Archives], London; the London Library; the National Library of Scotland; King’s College, Aberdeen; the Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris; the Musée des Beaux Arts, Bordeaux; the British School at Athens; the Benaki Museum, Athens; the National Historical Museum, Athens; the Library of Congress, Washington; the New York Public Library; the Zentralbibliothek, Zürich; and the libraries at Lleidelberg, Mainz, Tübingen, Bamberg, Marburg, Munich, Hanover, Bonn, Rostock, Darmstadt, and Nuremberg.

3Miss Marjory Gordon, the great-granddaughter of the Philhellene, kindly gave me permission to consult and make use of her family papers. I should also like to record my thanks to Mr. Stephen de Winter, Mr. E. Finopoulos, Mrs. Marianne Fox, Mr. Peter Fraser, Mr. Peter Hopkirk, Mr. T. Lascarides, Professor Leslie Marchand, Mrs. Pearce and other staff of the British Council in Athens, Professor and Mrs. Robert Picken, and Mr. Stephen Robson for help on particular points.

4I should like to thank Mr. A. C. Ward for preparing the Index, and Mr. Carl James for drawing the maps. The editorial and production staff of the Oxford University Press, London, have helped to improve the book in countless ways, and I am particularly grateful to Mr. Jon Stallworthy, with whom I first visited Greece years ago, for his encouragement and help from the time when the idea first took shape.

5An especial thank you is due to my wife without whose participation the book could not have been attempted. Besides helping in innumerable other ways, she spent untold hours patiently translating to me all the German source books.

6W St C October 1971

7I should like to record my warm thanks to the innumerable friends, colleagues, reviewers, booksellers, and readers in many countries who have discussed the book with me since it was first published, and to Roddy Beaton, Rupert Gatti, Alessandra Tosi and Roberto Tosi for encouraging me to prepare this new edition and for making it possible.

8W St C September 2008


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