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What Works in Conservation 2018

William J. Sutherland
Lynn V. Dicks
Nancy Ockendon
et al.

6. Peatland conservation

6.6. Threat: Human intrusions and disturbance

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Unknown effectiveness (limited evidence)

● Physically exclude vehicles from peatlands

1 Vegetation structure: One replicated, paired, controlled, site comparison study in a floating fen in the USA reported that fencing off airboat trails allowed total and non-woody vegetation biomass to increase, up to levels recorded in undisturbed fen. Woody plant biomass did not recover.

2 Overall plant richness/diversity: The same study reported that fencing off airboat trails allowed overall plant diversity to increase, recovering to levels recorded in undisturbed fen.

3 Assessment: unknown effectiveness–limited evidence (effectiveness 70%; certainty 35%; harms 0%). Based on evidence from: fens (one study).


No evidence found (no assessment)

5We have captured no evidence for the following interventions:

  • Restrict vehicle use on peatlands
  • Restrict pedestrian access to peatlands
  • Physically exclude pedestrians from peatlands
  • Install boardwalks/paths to prevent trampling
  • Wear snowshoes to prevent trampling
  • Adopt ecotourism principles/create an ecotourism site.

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