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What Works in Conservation 2018

William J. Sutherland
Lynn V. Dicks
Nancy Ockendon
et al.

6. Peatland conservation

6.5. Threat: Biological resource use

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Unknown effectiveness (limited evidence)

● Reduce intensity of harvest

1 Moss cover: One replicated, controlled study in a bog in New Zealand reported that Sphagnum moss cover was higher, three years after harvesting, when some Sphagnum was left in plots than when it was completely harvested.

2 Assessment: unknown effectiveness – limited evidence (effectiveness 70%; certainty 25%; harms 0%). Based on evidence from: bogs (one study).


No evidence found (no assessment)

4We have captured no evidence for the following interventions:

  • Reduce frequency of harvest
  • Use low impact harvesting techniques
  • Use low impact vehicles for harvesting
  • Implement ‘mosaic management’ when harvesting wild biological resources
  • Provide new technologies to reduce pressure on wild biological resources.

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