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The Red Countess

Hermynia Zur Mühlen

7. Works by Hermynia Zur Mühlen in English Translation

Texte intégral

The Runaway Countess. Transl. Frank Barnes (New York: Jonathan Cape and Harrison Smith, 1930).

The Wheel of Life. Transl. Margaret Goldsmith (London: Barker, 1933).

A Life’s Journey. Transl. Phyllis and Trevor Blewitt (London: Jonathan Cape, 1935).

A Year Under a Cloud. Transl. Ethel K. Houghton and H. E. Cornides (London: Selwyn and Blount, 1937).

We Poor Shadows (London: Frederick Muller, 1943), no translator named,

Came the Stranger (London: Frederick Muller, 1946), no translator named,

Guests in the House (London: Frederick Muller, 1947), no translator named,


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