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Long Narrative Songs from the Mongghul of Northeast Tibet

Gerald Roche
Li Dechun

6. The Crop-Planting Song

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This folksong was collected in 1938 by the German missionary Dominik Schröder in Daquan Village, Dongshan Township, Huzhu Mongghul (Tu) Autonomous County. It was published in Germany in 1959, with a transcription of the lyrics in the International Phonetic Alphabet.1

Around 1994 Dr. Charles Kevin Stuart brought a copy of this manuscript from the USA and gave it to Limusishiden. In 1995 Dr. Stuart and Limusishiden went to Huzhu County to record a video entitled ‘Teaching English In Mongghul’. Limusishiden then gave a copy of the manuscript to Lu Wenzhong, a Mongghul culture worker, translator of this song. Mr. Lu then transcribed this important folksong into Mongghul pinyin, and later published it along with others in Lu (2009).

This folksong begins with a popular Mongghul melody, Tangdarihgiima. Mongghul folksongs sung using the Tangdarihgiima melody are all sung in Mongghul, but their lyrics vary. Singers may even improvise their own lyrical content on the melodic template. At presen...

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