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Long Narrative Songs from the Mongghul of Northeast Tibet

Gerald Roche
Li Dechun

Authors’ Biographies

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1Li Dechun (李 得 春, Limusishiden) is a native Mongghul from Huzhu Tu (Mongghul) Nationality Autonomous County. He currently works in Qinghai University Affiliated Hospital, Qinghai Province, as a chief surgeon. He has been researching and writing about Mongghul traditional culture since 1989.

2Gerald Roche is currently a Discovery Early Career Research Award Fellow at the University of Melbourne’s Asia Institute. He is an anthropologist, and researches linguistic and cultural diversity in Tibet. Gerald’s publications include Introduction: The Transformation of Tibet’s Language Ecology in the Twenty-first Century. International Journal of the Sociology of Language, 245 (2017): 1–35. The Mangghuer Nadun: Village Ritual and Frontier History on the Northeast Tibetan Plateau, in The Silk Road: Interwoven History, Vol. 1: Long-distance Trade, Culture, and Society, ed. by M. N. Walter and J. P. Ito-Adler (Cambridge: Cambridge Institutes Press, 2015), pp. 310–47.


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