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Bourdieu and Literature

This is a wide-ranging, rigorous and accessible introduction to the relationship between Pierre Bourdieu's word and literary studies. it provides a comprehensive overview and critical assessment of his contributions to literary theory and his thinking about authors and literary works. One of the foremost French intellectuals of the post-war era, Bourdieu has become a standard point of reference in the fields of anthropology, linguistics, art history, cultural studies, politics and sociolog...

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  • Editore : Open Book Publishers
  • Collana : OBP collection
  • Luogo di pubblicazione : Cambridge
  • Anno di pubblicazione : 2011
  • Pubblicato su OpenEdition Books : 11 janvier 2013
  • EAN (edizione cartacea) : 9781906924430
  • EAN digitale : 9781906924447
  • Numero di pagine : 203 p.


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