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Basic Knowledge and Conditions on Knowledge

Mark McBride

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1Each numbered chapter in this book has been published in a peer-reviewed journal. Details are provided below.

2Between the point of publication of the articles and publication of this monograph, many further changes have been made, such that even those chapters not designated as published in shorter form are different from the published versions. In all cases, however, the integrity of the published version has been preserved.

1. Reflections on Moore’s ‘Proof’

3Published as “The Dogmatists and Wright on Moore’s ‘Proof’”, International Journal for the Study of Skepticism, 2 (2012), 1–20,​10.1163/​221057011X554133

2. First Reflections on the Problem of Easy Knowledge

4Shorter version published as “Zalabardo on Easy Knowledge”, Journal of Philosophical Research, 38 (2013), 177–88,​10.5840/​jpr2013389

3. The Problem of Easy Knowledge: Towards a Solution

5Published as “Davies on Easy Knowledge”, International Journal for the Study of Skepticism, 4 (2013), 1–20,​10.1163/​22105700-03011093

4. Evidence and Transmission Failure

6Published in Logos & Episteme: An International Journal of Epistemology, 2 (2011), 557–74,​10.5840/​logos-episteme2011245, available at:​?q=taxonomy/​term/​222

5. A Puzzle for Dogmatism

7Published in Logos & Episteme: An International Journal of Epistemology, 2 (2011), 295–302,​10.5840/​logos-episteme20112238, available at:​?q=node/​91

6. Conclusive Reasons

8Published as “Is Knowledge Closed Under Known Entailment? The Strange Case of Hawthorne’s ‘Heavyweight Conjunct’ (and Other Strange Cases)”, Theoria: A Swedish Journal of Philosophy, 2 (2009), 117–28,​10.1111/​j.1755-2567.2009.01036.x

7. Sensitivity

9Published as “Sensitivity and Closure”, Episteme: A Journal of Individual and Social Epistemology, 11 (2014), 181–97,​10.1017/​epi.2014.5

8. Safety

10Published as “Saving Sosa’s Safety”, Logos & Episteme: An International Journal of Epistemology, 3 (2012), 637–52,​10.5840/​logosepisteme20123413, available at:​sites/​default/​files/​SAVINGSOSA'SSAFETY.pdf

9. Safety: An Application

11Published as “Reply to Pardo: Unsafe Legal Knowledge?”, Legal Theory, 17 (2011), 67–73,​10.1017/​S1352325211000048


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