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Warlike and Peaceful Societies

Agner Fog

11. Illustrations

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This book is published under a Creative Commons Attribution license 4.0, except for some of the photos, as listed below.

1. Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom). Photo by Tobi 87, 2009. CC BY 3.0,          23

2. Residential buildings, Bispebjerg Bakke, Copenhagen. Photo by Agner Fog, 2017.           24

3. Prehistoric cave painting, Bhimbetka India. Photo by Nikhil2789, 2008. CC BY-SA 3.0,          29

4. Demographic transition. By Max Roser, 2016. CC BY-SA 4.0,          36

5. World population. By Agner Fog, 2017. Data from United Nations Data Retrieval System. “World Population Prospects: The 2015 Revision”,           37

6. Inglehart and Welzel’s Cultural Map. World Values Survey Database. Public domain,           47

7. Charge of the Light Cavalry Brigade, 25th October 1854, under Major General the Earl of Cardigan. Painting by William Simpson, 1855. Public domain,,_25th_Oct._1854,_under_Major_General_the_Earl_of_Cardigan.jpg           65

8. Historical development in different types of conflicts since World War II. By Agner Fog, 2017. Based on data from Uppsala Conflict Data Program (2017).           77

9. Students at the Higher Teachers’College, Kabul, Afghanistan, 1967. Photo by William (Bill) F. Podlich, 1967. All rights reserved, reproduced with permission,           123

10. Afghanistan women wait outside a USAID-supported health care clinic, Afghanistan, 2003. Photo by Nitin Madhav, 2003. Public domain,           123

11. Photo of Aldo Moro in the captivity of Brigate Rosse. Photo by Brigate Rosse, 1978. Public domain,           141

12. Firemen work on the burning Reichstag. Unknown photographer, 1933. Bundesarchiv. CC BY-SA 3.0,           160

13. Andamanese hunting turtles. Photo by Bourne & Shepherd photographic studio, ca. 1900. Smithsonian Institution, National Anthropological Archives. Public domain,!57153~!1           168

14. Arrernte rain ceremony. Photo by W. B. Spencer and F. J. Gillen, 1912. Public domain,           171

15. Babylonian cylinder seal showing the king making an animal offering to the Sun God Shamash. Hjaltland Collection. CC BY-SA 3.0,           174

16. An Inuit family, 1917. Photo by George R. King, 1917. Public domain,           180

17. Kasubi Tomb, Uganda, nineteenth century. Photo by Agner Fog, 2007.           186

18. Gilyak wooden figures. From Schrenck (1881). Public domain.           190

19. Gilyak decorated tools. From Schrenck (1881). Public domain.           191

20. A building in Agadez, Niger. Photo by Dan Lundberg, 1997. CC BY-SA 2.0,           194

21. Inca carved gold leaf wall coating. Museo Oro del Perú y Armas del Mundo. Photo by Manuel González Olaechea, 2007. CC BY 3.0,           197

22. A! Kung bushman sucks up underground water through a straw and stores it in an ostrich eggshell. Photo by Jens Bjerre, 1958. All rights reserved, reproduced with permission.           199

23. Kung bushmen telling stories around the fire. Photo by Jens Bjerre, 1958. All rights reserved, reproduced with permission.           202

24. Maasai warriors. Photo by Walther Dobbertin, 1906–18. Bundesarchiv, Bild 105-DOA0556. CC-BY-SA 3.0,,_Deutsch-Ostafrika,_Massaikrieger.jpg           204

25. Young married Maasai woman wearing iron spirals and other ornaments. Photographer unknown, ca. 1900. From Hollis (1905). Public domain.          206

26. Mbuti men hunting with net. Photo by Paul Schebesta, n. d. Bildarchiv Austria, Österreichische National-bibliothek, Nr. 10819171. All rights reserved, reproduced with permission.          208

27. Yahgans. Photo by Otto Nordenskjöld, 1896. From Nordenskjöld (1898). Public domain.          216

28. Yanomami. Unknown photographer, 2007. CC-BY-SA 3.0,           219

29. Structural equation model showing the influence of collective dangers and individual dangers on cultural regality and life history strategy. By Agner Fog, 2017.           240

30. Scree plot for factor analysis of World Views Survey 2012. By Agner Fog, 2017.           253

31. Mixed factor analysis. Distribution of the variables along the two strongest factors. By Agner Fog, 2017.           261

32. Mixed factor analysis. Distribution of nations along the two factors. By Agner Fog, 2017.           262

33. Demonstration against the Vietnam War. Arlington, Virginia, USA, 1967. Albert R. Simpson, US Army Audiovisual Center, 1967. Public domain,           271


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