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The End and the Beginning

Hermynia Zur Mühlen

Works by Hermynia Zur Mühlen in English Translation

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1The Runaway Countess. Transl. Frank Barnes. New York: Jonathan Cape and Harrison Smith, 1930.

2The Wheel of Life. Transl. Margaret Goldsmith. London: Barker, 1933.

3Life’s Journey. Transl. Phyllis and Trevor Blewitt. London: Jonathan Cape, 1935.

4A Year Under a Cloud. Transl. Ethel K. Houghton and H.E. Cornides. London: Selwyn and Blount, 1937.

5We Poor Shadows. London: Frederick Muller, 1943. (No translator named; downloadable from​women/​ [accessed 23/3/2010]).

6Came the Stranger. London: Frederick Muller, 1946. (No translator named; downloadable from​women/​)

7Guests in the House. London: Frederick Muller, 1947. (No translator named; downloadable from​women/​).

8Feuilletons and fairy tales. A sampling. Transl. Lionel Gossman. Including: The Red Redeemer; Confession; High Treason; Death of a Shade; A Secondary Happiness; The Señora; Miss Brington; We have to tell them; Painted on Ivory; The Sparrow; The Spectacles. (downloadable from​product.php/​65).

9Unsere Töchter die Nazinen (Our Daughters the Nazi Girls). A Synopsis. (prepared by Lionel Gossman; downloadable from​product.php/​65).