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The Idea of Europe

Catriona Seth
Rotraud von Kulessa

68. Governing Europe?

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1On Saint-Helena, the Comte de Las Cases retranscribed the deposed Emperor Napoleon’s thoughts and remarks. His notes for 24 August 1816 show the importance of certain structures to bring about the unity Napoleon would have liked to achieve.

2He then went over what he would have proposed for posterity, the interests, enjoyment and wellbeing of the European association. He would have wanted the same principles and system throughout; a European code, a European high court to redress all errors as ours does those of our own tribunals. The same currency franked in different places; the same weights, the same measures, the same laws, etc. etc. Europe, he said, would thus shortly have become a single nation, and everyone wherever they travelled, would always have found themselves in their common homeland.

3Emmanuel-Auguste-Dieudonné-Marius de Las Cases,
Memorial of Saint-Helena, 24 August 1816 (1822–23).

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