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The Idea of Europe

Catriona Seth
Rotraud von Kulessa

12. A Prototype for the European Parliament?

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1According to Sully,i the King of France had imagined, amongst the institutions necessary to govern the associated states, that there should be a ‘general Council of Europe’ entrusted with managing several aspects of the Union.

  • ii In Delphi, the council of the Amphictyons handled public affairs.

2The model of this general council of Europe had been formed on that of the ancient Amphictyonsii of Greece, with such alterations only as rendered it suitable to our customs, climate and policy. It consisted of a certain number of commissaries, ministers, or plenipotentiaries from all the governments of the Christian republic, who were to be constantly assembled as a senate, to deliberate on any affairs which might occur; to discuss the different interests, pacify the quarrels, clear up and determine all the civil, political, and religious affairs of Europe, whether within itself or with its neighbours. The form and manner of proceeding in the senate would have been more particularly determined by the suffrages of the senate itself. Henry was of opinion that it should be composed of four commissaries from each of the following potentates: The Emperor, the Pope, the kings of France, Spain, England, Denmark, Sweden, Lombardy, Poland, and the republic of Venice; and of two only from the other republics and inferior powers, which all together would have composed a senate of about sixty-six persons, who should have been re-chosen every three years.

3Maximilien de Béthune, Duke of Sully, Memoirs (1778).

Maximilien de Béthune, Duke of Sully, Memoirs (manuscript of the first volume)iii

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Légende Maximilien de Béthune, Duke of Sully, Memoirs (manuscript of the first volume)iii
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