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The Idea of Europe

Enlightenment Perspectives

Traductor: Catriona Seth

In view of the challenges-many of which are political-that different European countries are currently facing, scholars who work on the eighteenth century have compiled this anthology which includes earlier recognitions of common values and past considerations of questions which oft en remain pertinent nowadays. During the Enlightenment, many men and women of letters envisaged the continent's future in particular when stressing their hope that peace could be secured in Europe. The texts gat...

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  • Editor : Open Book Publishers
  • Colección : Open Book Classics
  • Lugar de edición : Cambridge
  • Año de edición : 2017
  • Publicación en OpenEdition Books : 31 janvier 2018
  • EAN (publicación papel) : 9781783743780
  • EAN electrónico : 9782821897328
  • Número de páginas : xii + 166 p.


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