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Brownshirt Princess

Lionel Gossman

Part I. Seeking a New Religion: Gott in Mir

3. The Poem

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Extrait du texte

Within the body of the Princess’s poem, several prominent themes can be identified, many of them recognizably inspired by Lebensreform, especially in its more völkisch manifestations:

  • creation of a New Man and a New World, liberation from ”unnatural,” life-denying beliefs and social conventions;
  • rejection of modern liberal, capitalist, urban civilization, regarded as responsible for encouraging egoism, undermining community ties, and destroying the nobler human qualities and values;
  • recovery of an authentic native German culture still close to the natural world and uncontaminated by modern rationalism and alienation;
  • repudiation of established religious faiths, especially in the form of an allegedly un-natural and alien transcendentalist and ”legalistic” Christianity rooted in Judaism, in favor of a quasi-pantheist or Gnostic faith, according to which man and nature are infused with divinity and are thus good, not sinful, and which is often presented as grounded in the original ancestra...