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Brownshirt Princess

Lionel Gossman


Texte intégral

1Cover: Fidus (i.e. Hugo Höppener), header (detail) in Der Kunstwart, October-December, 1914, vol. 28, p. 125; also in Prof. Hermann Reich, Das Buch Michael (Berlin: Weidmannsche Buchhandlung, 1916), p. 117.

2Princeton University Library.

3This figure, representing Germania, appeared, on the outbreak of war in 1914, in many other forms produced by Fidus, as a drawing, a lithograph, an inexpensive postcard, sometimes alone, sometimes as part of a more elaborate image. In a few it was explicitly named, as in ”Germania aufbebend, zürnend” (”Germania quivering with rising anger”). A version of it was used by the artist again, on the eve of the stunning triumph of the National Socialists in the Reichstag elections of September 1930, for the cover design of the first number (January-February, 1930) of a right-wing women’s magazine Frigga: Blätter für deutsches Frauentum.

41. (Frontispiece) Heinrich Vogeler. Frontispiece for Marie Adelheid Reuß, Prinzessin zur Lippe, Gott in mir (Bremen: Angelsachsen Verlag, 1921).

5Rare Books Division, Department of Rare Books and Special Collections, Princeton University Library. Photo: John Blazejewski.

62. Heinrich Vogeler. ”Ekstase.״ Title-page of Franz Pfempfert’s progressive, pacifist weekly Die Aktion, vol. IV, no. 22, May 30, 1914.

7Princeton University Library. Photo: L. Gossman.

83. Heinrich Vogeler. Cover design for Deutsche Kunst und Dekoration (April, 1902) dedicated to his work, with an article on him by R.M. Rilke.

9Marquand Library of Art and Archaeology, Princeton University.

104. Heinrich Vogeler. Design and illustration for R.M. Rilke, ”Die heiligen Drei Könige,” in Die Insel, 1, no. 6, March 1900.

11Princeton University Library.

125. Heinrich Vogeler. Title-page for Frühlingskranz by the Romantic poet Clemens Brentano (Königsberg: Paul Alderjahn’s Verlag, 1907).

13Princeton University Library.

146. Heinrich Vogeler. Cover illustration for his pamphlet Das neue Leben (Hanover: Paul Steegemann, 1919).

15Princeton University Library.

167. Heinrich Vogeler. Cover design for his pamphlet Expressionismus der Liebe (Hanover: Paul Steegemann, 1919).

17Princeton University Library.

188. Heinrich Vogeler. Cover design for pamphlet Expressionismus: Eine Zeitstudie (Hamburg: Henry Hoym Verlag, 1919).

19Princeton University Library.

209. Heinrich Vogeler. Cover illustration for his pamphlet Die Freiheit der Liebe in der kommunistischen Gesellschaft (Hamburg: Konrad Hanf Verlag, 1919).

21Princeton University Library.

2210. Advertisement for Roselius’s Kaffee HAG in Herwarth Walden’s Der Sturm, III, no. 117/118, July 1912, p. 99.

23Marquand Library of Art and Archaeology, Princeton University.

2411. Bernhard Hoetger. ”Lebensbaum” [Tree of Life] sculpture originally on façade of Atlantis House (1931).

25Photo: Archiv Böttcherstraße Bremen.

2612. Ludwig Fahrenkrog. Vignette in his Baldur (Stuttgart: Verlag von Greiner & Pfeiffer, 1908), p. 47.

27Princeton University Library.

2813. Ludwig Fahrenkrog. ”Baldur, Sonne, Geist des Alls,” in his Baldur (Stuttgart: Verlag von Greiner & Pfeiffer, 1908), p. 104.

29Princeton University Library.

3014. ”Fidus” (Hugo Höppener). Header in Julius Hart, Triumph des Lebens (Florence: Diederichs, 1898), p. 51.

31Princeton University Library.

3215. Wolfgang Kirchbach. Cover of Ziele und Aufgabe des Giordano Bruno-Bundes (Schmargendorf bei Berlin: Verlag ”Renaissance” – Otto Lehmann, 1905). Flugschriften des Giordano Bruno-Bundes, no. 6.

33Princeton University Library.

3416. Cover of Wilhelm Schwaner, Germanen-Bibel, 2nd. ed. enlarged (Berlin: Volkserzieher Verlag, 1905).

35Princeton Theological Seminary Library. Photograph by John Blazejewski.

3617. Cover of pamphlet extracted from Ludwig Fahrenkrog’s Das Deutsche Buch to promote the Germanische Glaubens-Gemeinschaft (1921).

37Princeton University Library.

3818. Rear cover of pamphlet from Fahrenkrog’s Das Deutsche Buch (1921).

39Princeton University Library.

4019. Publicity announcement by Eugen Diederichs Verlag, Jena, of a forth-coming series devoted to Nordic sagas and literary texts as manifestations of the ”essential, inherent strengths of German being,” April 1933.

41Princeton University Library.

4220. Copy of the Princess’s letter to U.S. High Commissioner McCloy.


4421. Cover of the Princess’s collection of poems Freundesgruß in the extreme rightwing series Kritik: Die Stimme des Volkes, no. 46, 1978.


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