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Security in a Small Nation

Andrew W. Neal


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1This book is the product of a seminar series funded by the UK Economic and Social Research Council entitled ‘Security in Scotland, with or without constitutional change’, which ran from 2013–2015 at the University of Edinburgh (grant reference ES/L00139X/1). The Reports from this seminar series can be found on the title page on the Open Book Publishers website,​product/​524#resources

2The editor and principal investigator Andrew W. Neal would like to thank his primary co-investigators, Juliet Kaarbo and Charles Raab, for their wisdom and advice throughout the project. Special thanks to Colin Atkinson for editorial assistance in the early stages of the book project. Thanks also to the many contributors to the seminars, including Stine Bergersen, Didier Bigo, Paul Cairney, Monica den Boer, Francesca Dickson, Faye Donnelly, Gunilla Eriksson, Peter Gill, Jens Christian Svabo Justinussen, Bill Paterson, Paul Rogers, Stephen Tierney, William Vlcek, and others who will remain unnamed due to the political and professional sensitivities of the subject matter.


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