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What Works in Conservation 2017

William J. Sutherland
Lynn V. Dicks
Nancy Ockendon
et al.


5. Forest conservation

Texte intégral

1Har’ el Agra, Simon Schowanek, Yohay Carmel, Rebecca K. Smith & Gidi Ne’eman

Expert assessors

Rhett Harrison, Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research, Zambia

Keith Kirby, University of Oxford, UK

Gillian Petrokofsky, Biodiversity Institute Oxford, UK

Rebecca K. Smith, University of Cambridge, UK

William J. Sutherland, University of Cambridge, UK

Tom Swinfield, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, UK

Scope of assessment: for the conservation of forest habitat (not specific species within forests), including tropical forests, temperate forests, woodland, scrubland, shrubland and dry forests.

Assessed: 2016.

Effectiveness measure is the median % score.

Certainty measure is the median % certainty of evidence, determined by the quantity and quality of the evidence in the synopsis.

Harm measure is the median % score for negative side-effects on the forest habitat of concern.


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